Welcome to Nusantarajati.com, we are a high quality teak garden outdoor furniture manufacturer and wholesale that served purchasing of variety furniture products both online and offline as well as exporters from Indonesia with best price and satisfaction guarantee. With a commitment to provide the best products and satisfactory service to the customer, making the Nusantara Jati as the recommended choice for purchasing teak furniture, not only in the domestic market, but also penetrate the international market. The price that offered also very competitive and the quality are guaranteed. Some of our products are teak garden benches, teak tables, garden chairs and we also accept teak garden furniture custom design. As a manufacturer of patio furniture, we also serve bookings teak furniture for the garden or outdoor, in bulk and suppliers. It is not only suitable for those who want to fill full the home furniture, but also suitable choice for your businesses such as restaurants, hotels and others.

Nusantara Jati only used best quality teak material in each product that is supported by professional human resources and advanced equipment to produce high quality furniture products with varied design options. The types of teak that we provide are divided into several categories of quality, so you can be free to choose and adjust with the budget. We provide various kinds of furniture products, like teak garden bench, teak garden table, chairs, garden steamer and we also accept custom design of teak garden furniture.

As exporter from Indonesia for teak furniture garden or furniture outdoors with the best price and satisfaction guarantee, Nusantara Jati is also working with courier or cargo reliable to ensure the shipping process with a guarantee of product safety to the destination a. Not only guarantee for shipping, the process of packaging is also done carefully using a variety of package options such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper, carton box to save the furniture from clash or accident that may occur when the shipping process. To obtain high quality of teak furniture at competitive prices, Nusantara Jati is the most appropriate choice.




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  • Benefits of Teak Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

    Relaxing or socializing in the outdoor space is surely fun. An outdoor space is, however, not complete if it doesn’t have beautiful pieces of furniture to add not just practicality but also visual appea

  • Nusantara Jati Work to Provide Premium Teak Furniture Indonesia

    Not every teak furniture manufacturer can be the best provider for premium teak product. Nusantara Jati have a long-time experience with teak wood furniture for the best customer satisfaction. Providing premi

  • Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture

    Outdoor furniture is furniture designed specifically for outdoor use. This furniture usage can be placed on the patio, terrace or other places that are outside the building. Furniture for outdoor usually have a more relaxed design with h

  • Teak Wood

    Kayu Jati (teakwood) is one of the best woods for furniture in the world. Teakwood much in demand because of the quality and stability, haven’t doubt, therefore no wonder that today there are a lot of teak outdoor

  • Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture to Furnish Your House

    One of the best wood species for furniture is teak. This is widely recognized across the world. Teak is a solid wood material used for varied types of furniture. Before deciding to buy wholesale teak garden f

  • What Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer Exporter Offers

    Indonesia is known for its biodiversity. It has varied species of wood for furniture items. It is not surprising that finding Indonesia furniture manufacturer exporter is hassle-free. Producing furniture in I

  • How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers in Indonesia

    Furniture manufacturing is an export-oriented industry in Indonesia. The industry contributes much to the country’s domestic income. That is why, there are many outdoor furniture manufacturers in Indonesia, particularly in Java Isl

  • What Makes Indonesian Wood Furniture Manufacturer Grow

    Furniture manufacturing in Indonesia has shown a promising trend during the last several years. This can, in part, be attributable to the growth of online retail market. Indonesian wood furniture manufacturer has entered the global distr

  • Indonesia Furniture Manufacture Keeps Growing Every Year with Positive Prospect

    Furniture industry has become one of the world’s largest businesses in the world especially in Indonesia. This country does both manufacturing and also exporting the wooden furniture around the world. T

  • The References to Choose Indonesia Wood Furniture Manufacture

    Furniture is something you can’t put aside when you want to make the house more useful and also beautiful. Indonesia is known as one of the country which produces so many furniture industries in the wor

  • Choosing The Best Teak Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia

    Among other types of wood material used to make furniture, teak is the most popular due to its durability and the furniture made of this will last longer. In Indonesia, you can find the teak furniture manufacturer only or you can find ot

  • Choose The Best Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer Exporter Overseas

    If you look for wood furniture, then Indonesia is the country you need to head to because you can find so many manufacturers that make the best furniture for your home or other places such as hotels and also

  • Indonesia Wood Furniture Manufacturer Ideas

    The one important thing which you have installed in your room is the furniture. It will fill out almost the whole space of your room. Indonesia wood furniture manufacturer

  • Indonesian Outdoor Furniture Best Idea

    The best place to set up furniture is outdoor your house like in the backyard. It will need some furniture to make outdoor space gorgeous. Many people love to make enjoy time outside the room because it feels more natural and fresh. Here

  • Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture Ideas

    Teak is the most popular and expensive wood material in Indonesia. Many people have high interested in this product. Besides that, teak furniture able to put on outdoor or indoor. This material looks elegant and weather resistant. Here i

  • Patio Furniture Indonesia

    Patio furniture Indonesia is the premium brand that most wanted on society. It offers many furniture designs made from teak, wooden, synthetic, etc. People love patio furniture because of the premium quality and classic

  • Best Place for Placing The Teak Wood Furniture

    Most people in Asia already know that Indonesia has become one of the best teak wood manufacturers, that is why there is no wonder if the wood from Indonesia will always be on the highest trade rates in Indonesia. People in Indonesia mos

  • New Best Teak Wood Garden Design

    Looking for the best concept that can be applied to your garden, teak wood would be one of the best furniture that can make your garden look better than now. In this part you will need to know about how to choose the best teak wood, that

  • Indonesia as One of The Largest Teak Wood Manufacturers

    There is no point to said that Indonesia has nothing to do with the furniture manufacturers, as long as you can see that Indonesia have a lot of wood product that can proceed to the creation of modern or classic furniture.Read More

  • The Best and Preferable Outdoor Furniture Materials in Indonesia

    Outdoor furniture will always be one of the most favorite furniture that people mostly wanted to buy, in this situation people are often inspired by the new modern design when you can combine between the traditional with modern design. T

  • Best Benches from Best Teak Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia

    Since outdoor is the face of our house, we need to add some ‘makeup’ to make it look stunning. Stunning front and back yards will not only impress our guests but also make us feel homey. In order to get outdoor furniture for

  • Keys to the Best Teak Garden Furniture Indonesia

    Colorful flowers in your garden make your yard looks more adorable. And it will be more satisfying if you can sit between them, enjoying your favorite book while breathing fresh flower’s fragrance. It will be a dream comes true wit

  • Trusted Quality from the Most Recommended Teak Furniture Manufacturer

    Thousands of teak furniture manufacturer claimed that they have the best products. But sometimes, the best one doesn’t claim, it proves. How do you know which one is manufacturing the best teak outdoor furniture for your patio? We&

  • Greatest Tables from the Best Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer Indonesia

    Wood is the most famous material used to build furniture. This material meets almost any style of interior. It is also a strong material for outdoor furniture. But, speaking about the best furniture made of wood, make sure you get one fr

  • The Best Things About Jepara Furniture

    Located in central Java, Jepara is always become one of the most famous regions in Indonesia with many of man craft there create really good products. Jepara Indonesia Furniture always become

  • Ultimate Guides from Trusted Teak Furniture Manufacturer

    Wooden furniture can be made of assorted types of woods. But the best one is made of teak. Indonesia has a great teak furniture manufacturer that is going to give a new look to your interior and even exterior. Yet, befor

  • What Furniture Buyer In Indonesia Need To Know?


    As a furniture buyer, it is important that you buy from a reliable manufacturer. There are many important things to keep in mind when you buy furniture.

  • Indonesia Outdoor Furniture Is A Great Choice for Your Facility

    Whether you are going to add furniture pieces for your hotels, restaurants, resorts, or your own resident, you will want to get the best outdoor furniture which is long lasting and durable. By far, Indonesia

  • Jepara, Best Place to Buy Furniture in Indonesia

    As a furniture buyer, it is important that you buy from a reliable manufacturer. There are many important things to keep in mind when you buy furniture. It is important to find the right balance between price

  • Materials for Strong Construction Furniture

    There are many furniture materials available in the market. But for longer age and durability, wood-based material is still number one. Almost all furniture manufacturers in Indonesia use wood as the basic material, one example can be fo

  • How To Care For Teak Garden Furniture

    If you want to use outdoor furniture, you can choose teak material. Many kinds of wood can really suffer from water damage, which is why much garden furniture is made of plastic.  Higher-end garden furni

  • Why choose Indonesian outdoor furniture?

    You can enjoy a wonderful evening, drinking tea or coffee with your family or friends are the garden. The breezing air and the intimacy atmosphere bring the best experience for you and for your family. To hav

  • Things to Consider Before Buy Teak Garden Furniture Indonesia

    Teak furniture indonesia product are well known around the world because teak tree are widely grow here in indonesian archipelagos. Beside the strength and durability of teak wood, we have to admit that they have a beautiful wood grain.

  • How To Clean Patio Furniture

    Regular cleaning is important to keep outdoor furniture looking good, but it’s never more necessary than after a long, messy winter. Harsh weather can leave patio or lawn furniture looking dingy, tired

  • One of Best Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

    The furniture industry in Indonesia has long been one of the world’s largest in terms of furniture manufacturing and furniture exporting. As one of the world’s fastest growing furniture manufactur

  • Best Teak for Outdoor Furniture

    Everybody is different. We all have different tastes and preferences. Every home and garden is different too, so choosing the best teak outdoor furniture for you really depends on your personal style and livi

  • Teak Wood for Outdoor Furniture

    Teak is the most durable, hardest and strongest wood, its making teak become the perfect material for outdoor furniture. Used in shipbuilding since the middle ages, it continues to be used today in the constr

  • Want To Buy Wholesale Outdoor Furniture?

    Buying outdoor furniture wholesale is an excellent idea for money saver. Nowdays also not that difficult to find cheap furniture you can fin

  • Nusantara Jati Work to Provide Premium Teak Furniture Indonesia

    Not every teak furniture manufacturer can be the best provider for premium teak product. Nusantara Jati have a long-time experience with teak wood furniture for the best customer satisfaction. Providing premi

  • Why Buying Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer Indonesia Is a Great Investment

    You are looking for wood furniture to buy. However, you still get a mixed feeling about teak wood furniture manufacturer Indonesia. Will it be a great investment for furniture? Will it make y

  • Why Should You Buy Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture Indonesia?

    Having an outdoor space is nice. Having proper outdoor furniture makes it amazing. The thing is, there are lots and lots of options when it comes to outdoor furniture. To help you decide, here we will tell you about teak wood out

  • Is Teak Furniture Costly?

    There are many considerations when we buy furniture. Cost is surely among the most important considerations in buying furniture. Of all types of furniture, teak furniture is surely among the

  • How to Remove Stains from Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

    There are many things that make teak wood furniture perfect for outdoor. How could it not? Teak wood furniture is very durable, even without maintenance. Although teak wood outdoor furniture Indonesia can withstand harsh



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