Fine Materials

Teak outdoor furniture manufacturer is kind of outdoor furniture that is most in demand, both in the local and international markets, because this furniture has high stability and decorative value. Some teak manufactures even accept teak garden furniture custom design. As the name suggests, the raw material for teak furniture is using teak wood.

Teak is high quality wood-producing trees. This tree has a straight trunk and large and can grow achieve the 50 meters with a diameter of 1.5 meters. Teak wood including hardwood species most sought, even popularity has penetrated foreign markets. Teak wood also has a very high stabilities, it could survive in a variety of weather. Because of its characteristics, teak furniture is then used for teak outdoor garden furniture supplier. Some teak furniture products include chairs, tables, doors, cupboard, beds, buffets and others.

There are many types of teak that there where each of teak has different Characteristic and quality. That's why you should be selective in order to find the raw material teak furniture that is good and quality. A quality teak has quite an old age when their harvest. Recommended age of teak trees to be harvested is 40 years, although a few species of teak has shorter harvest age of about 15 to 20 years. Old teak wood has a most excellent quality because the pores are more solid and its wood fibers are gorgeous. Here are things to consider in choosing a nice teak:

  1. Aged teak
  2. The pores are more solid
  3. The color is alive
  4. There is no wood defects
  5. Wood is not perforated
  6. Perfect drying process so that the moisture content is low

The other important things should be consider while purchasing teak furniture is choosing exporter from Indonesia for outdoor teak garden furniture with best price and satisfaction guarantee. Make sure that you only entrust the needs of teak furniture at outdoor patio furniture wholesale that providing quality products, offering competitive prices and satisfactory service.

Processing and Finishing

Outdoor patio furniture wholesales on display in storefronts is very attractive with a wide choice of models and sizes. But did you know that before becoming beautiful furniture, a teak wood through a lengthy process on teak outdoor furniture manufacturer. Here is the process of teak furniture on teak manufacture:


Teak that logged is still in the form of logs. This is the beginning of a process of making teak furniture.


Teak logs then sawn in certain dimensions required for the manufacture of furniture. This process is look trivial, but this process requires high precision, because the results sawing must have accurate precision.

Drying process

After the sawing process and the size of teak wood obtained in accordance with the needs, the next piece of wood should be dried first. Generally there are two ways commonly used in wood drying process they are electrical heater and cleaning oven baked. This process is very important to get quality teak furniture.

Production process

Once dried wooden board, then the next major stage of production is carried out. The production process is divided into several sections, namely:

  • Formation

Then the pieces of teak wood processed become a component with the shape and size as desired furniture.

  • Assembly

The next stage is the assembly into furniture. This process is done by using wood glue, screws, nails and others. It will also determine the quality and stability of teak furniture. For the best results of teak furniture, the role of craftsmen is also very decisive.

  • Finishing

After all the stages passed, now comes to finishing furniture. Finishing is done by giving colors, smoothing the surface so that the furniture is becoming more beautiful and then ready to be marketed by teak outdoor garden furniture.

Some furniture wholesale also, accept teak garden furniture custom design, it means that the production process is done after the order is received.


Ready For Shipping !

Teak furniture is more interesting to be discussed than other types of furniture. Not only the teak furniture stability, but also it comes with a wide choice of designs and sizes. You can find teak outdoor garden furniture manufacturer ranging from simple to luxurious, well a classic style, modern, colonial, electrical and others. High stability of teak furniture make this furniture also widely used as outdoor furniture such as in the garden, deck boat, shore and other open places.

As one of the most in demand furniture, it is easy to find outdoor patio furniture wholesales, even you can find it in conventional furniture stores only, but you can also find it online. Nusantara Jati is one of exporter from Indonesia for outdoor teak garden furniture with best price and satisfaction guarantee which provides a wide selection of teak furniture with varying sizes and designs. All ready for shipping products on manufacturer are teak chairs, tables, lounger, benches and others. With the selection of quality teak wood material and supported with the good workmanship, it will produce good quality of ready ship teak furniture. Nevertheless, before deciding to purchase teak furniture, it would be better if you are well familiar with exactly how the quality of teak wood used and the quality of teak outdoor furniture manufacturer who process them. After knowing the quality of teak furniture, the next task is to choose the design which is the most precise and appropriate, because in a teak furniture wholesale, you will find many models, types and sizes of furniture, even some sellers also accept teak garden furniture custom design.

The best way to choose teak furniture is to adapt them to the needs and condition of the room where you are going and of course customize it with the budget you have, because of the different types, it will be different prices of teak furniture offered. When you decide to buy teak furniture, especially online other important things that should not be missed is to ensure that the process of packaging and delivery of furniture is done properly.