Shipping for Teak Furniture

Indonesian furniture has always been a favorite of many lovers of wood furniture worldwide, because Indonesia has high quality furniture and mostly made of teak. Indonesian furniture products have been carved by expert craftsmen and professionals. Indonesian furniture has been popular with unique carving and also quality wood. No wonder that Indonesian furniture is in high demand.

Indonesia teak furniture is the most favorite furniture that always hunted, even by furniture lovers in various parts of the world. This is an achievement to be proud because Indonesia furniture manufacture is delivered to various parts of the world, but on the one hand it also raises its own problems, especially in terms of shipping. When shipping for teak furniture, it is important to ensure that the furniture remains safe and in good condition to arrive at the destination. Shipping should also be timely and a cost efficient manner.

Container shipping is one media that is great for Teak wood Patio Furniture hipping. There are a lot of benefits obtained from the use of container as shipping for teak furniture including:

  1. The risk of loss and damage is very small
  2. Unloading load very fast
  3. Cost less expensive: The cost of shipping, stacking Costs, Fees provision of packaging such as crates etc.
  4. Link between Shipper and consignee by itself reduced mainly door to door service
  5. The risk of mixing of goods that could damage will not occur, if there is only error Stuffing for LCL Cargo
  6. For the owner of the goods, it is very easy to watch him (enough to know the number of container)

With the variety of considerations above, then many Teak furniture manufacturers decided to use containers as a media delivery, because it is very nice, safe and efficient also.