Things to Consider Before Buy Teak Garden Furniture Indonesia

Teak furniture indonesia product are well known around the world because teak tree are widely grow here in indonesian archipelagos. Beside the strength and durability of teak wood, we have to admit that they have a beautiful wood grain. it’s dense, rich color and interesting pattern that appeal and pleasing to the eye. However, there are some things to consider and good to know before you buy teak furniture indonesia.

For Wood Quality

Teak are just like any other type of wood, they have their own characters and also quality difference between one and the other. for most of the time, quality of teak are determined by where they grow and how well they’re maintained. In java, best quality teak wood usually come from central java and east java.

Look for natural defects. Small wood knots are tolerable but in less than 3 per meter square. You should avoid big knots because they can crack eventually and they not look so nice. also look for patches, they are not tolerable in many cases unless you buy reclaimed wood furniture. If you have many patches it’s means wooden material used are not so good in quality, you better avoid them. 

Contruction Detail

You should take a closer look on the joinery, ask the manufacturer about the technique they use, what glue and even what screw material they use. Measure how well your vendors know their stuff by doing this, and also you can see how serious they are in the production and how good they do customer handling.

Hardware Detail

Discuss with the manufacturer what kind of hardware they are using, ask them to provide you samples of low, medium and high quality hardware. After you touch and see by yourself what hardware they are using, you can clearly see the difference between low and high quality piece.

Finishing Detail

Always ask for color sample from the manufacturer regularly check your finished product.

You can tell difference by how good the craftsmanship are put into final product, antique finishes should look and feel like antique, solid color should had an even color all around, fine sanding furniture should be smooth and really…finely sanded. it may sound easy but trust me, it take a lot of quality control stuff going on to deliver consistent quality product.

Becareful With Cheap Price

Cheap is good for most of the time, but if it’s too cheap than you must have suspicious thoughts about the quality. please compare everything with everyone, gathered all data you can get and educate yourself to make a final conclusion. to compare vendors is not impolite or anything, it’s a must in business.

in the end, it will not about the price anymore, they come second, it will more about how good their customer service and how trustworthy your vendor are. so thank you for being here and hope you find good teak furniture indonesia vendor who can work long term business with you.