Why Should You Buy Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture Indonesia?

Having an outdoor space is nice. Having proper outdoor furniture makes it amazing. The thing is, there are lots and lots of options when it comes to outdoor furniture. To help you decide, here we will tell you about teak wood outdoor furniture Indonesia and the reasons why you should buy it. Are you ready? Let’s start.

It Is from Indonesia

Teak is found in many Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Of all these countries, Indonesia takes teak seriously the most. Indonesia has a company called Perum Perhutani whose task is to manage and maintain the official teak plantations. When a teak tree is felled, it is then replaced by a new one thus ensuring sustainability.

That’s not the only merit of Indonesian teak wood outdoor. There are many teak wood furniture manufacturers with expert craftsmen in the country. So yes, there are quantity and quality. All you need is to find the right teak wood manufacturer to buy from. Try asking for a sample. A good teak wood furniture manufacturer will gladly send it.

Weather Resistance

Since you are looking for outdoor furniture, you’d want pieces of furniture that can withstand the weather. What type of wood can do so? That’s right. Teak wood. Furniture made of teak wood can withstand the weather like no other. Your outdoor space will look great, rain or shine. No need to cover or take it inside.


Beauty is certainly something you must consider when choosing outdoor furniture. The furniture is, after all, offers not just functionality and practicality but also aesthetic values. Teak wood furniture has a honey brown color that looks natural and will last longer if it is retained. If not, it will age and turn into silvery gray, which looks unique and charming.

Nusantarajati, a teak wood outdoor furniture Indonesia manufacturer, has plenty of options for outdoor furniture, from tables, chairs, benches to loungers. Here at Nusantarajati all of the products are made with expertise and precision, so there is no need to worry about beauty. Your outdoor space will surely look amazing with this high-quality outdoor furniture.


Teak wood is not just known for its weather resistance. The wood is known for its strength too. How strong is it? This first-class wood is measured to have class II strength. This is why it is not surprising if it has been used by ship manufacturers for many centuries. This speaks volumes of how strong the wood is.

If the furniture is made of the right teak wood, it will last a lifetime use outdoor and longer indoor. As good as it is, the quality of teak wood varies. So to get the best for your outdoor space, be sure to buy teak wood outdoor furniture from an experienced manufacturer who uses good quality teak wood.


Teak wood outdoor furniture makes a great addition to an outdoor space. It comes with a lot of advantages like weather resistance, beauty, and strength that other woods don’t possess. If you are looking for high-quality teak wood outdoor furniture Indonesia with reasonable prices to buy, here at Nusantarajati we have plenty of them.