How to Remove Stains from Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

There are many things that make teak wood furniture perfect for outdoor. How could it not? Teak wood furniture is very durable, even without maintenance. Although teak wood outdoor furniture Indonesia can withstand harsh weather, it still requires a little maintenance if you want it clean. Here, we will tell you how to remove stains from teak furniture.

Knowing the Stains

Before we tell you how to remove stains on teak wood outdoor furniture, we will tell you a bit about stains first. There are two types of stains that we are up against: surface and wood stains. Surface stains look whitish and have a lighter color, while wood stains are darker.

Surface stains happen when moisture is trapped under the teak furniture’s film coating. You can clean it using iron (we will tell you how below). Wood stains happen when the water moves deeper into the teak wood surface. The mineral contents inside the teak react with this water, thus creating stains. Refinishing will be needed to remove these stains.

#1: Using Iron or Hair Dryer

  1. Grab a dry towel and lay it over the water stains
  2. Set your iron on a medium setting
  3. Iron over the dry towel several times. After ironing it several times, remove the dry towel and note the progress. The heat from the iron should dissipate moisture in the wood, thus removing the stains
  4. Continue ironing until the stains are removed completely.
  5. If it seems there is any oil removed due to the ironing, polish the furniture with lemon oil. Then, reseal the surface
  6. Alternatively, you can use a hairdryer instead of an iron. The steps are the same

#2: Using Toothpaste

  1. Take a small amount of toothpaste then apply it on to the watermark
  2. Pick a toothbrush. Use it to spread the toothpaste in a circular motion
  3. Prepare a clean rag. Remove any excess toothpaste
  4. Take note of the progress and see if there are any abnormalities. Continue the cleaning process until the water stains are removed completely

#3: Refinishing

  1. In some cases, the watermarks cannot be removed easily and the furniture may need to be refinished.
  2. First, sand the furniture surface using wood wax and steel wool. Alternatively, you can use a 320 grit sandpaper. Apply the pressure gently so the process won’t result in an uneven surface
  3. After the sanding is done, you will see a new, fresh layer of natural teak wood. Wipe away the dust
  4. Coat the surface with a layer of teak or lemon oil

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The above should help you remove stains from teak wood furniture. Due to teak wood’s natural durability, such furniture doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, especially high-quality ones. Usually, the maintenance is either to clean it or to retain its vibrant, light brown color. If you are looking for high-quality, durable teak wood outdoor furniture Indonesia, check out Nusantarajati’s catalog.