Things to Consider When Purchasing Indonesian Teak Furniture

So, you have decided to purchase Indonesian teak furniture. When you purchase, you want to get the best deal for your money. Of course, that applies to purchase teak furniture too. You want genuine teak furniture, high quality, long-lasting, and beautiful. To help you get the best deal, we listed several things to consider when purchasing teak furniture.

Teak Grade

There are three teak grades: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. If a piece of furniture is Grade A, it means that it was made using the mature heartwood section. If it is Grade B, it is made from the semi-mature heartwood section and if it is Grade C, it is made from the sapwood section.

Of all three grades, Grade A is the best. Compared to the other grades, it is very strong and durable, as it is capable of dealing with elements even without any coating or maintenance. Grade A can also last a lifetime. Because of these characteristics, Grade A is more expensive than the other grades.

Here are some characteristics of each grade

  • Grade A: has even grain, a warm honey color, very dense, oily to the touch and has a high amount of protective oils.
  • Grade B: has uneven grain, a lighter duller color than Grade A, less shiny after sanded and a bit oily.
  • Grade C: soft, has high contrast in color, can be damaged easily, has a large amount of water content and little to no protective oils.

Workmanship and Attention to Detail

Teak wood furniture should be strong and durable. As such, you don’t want to buy teak wood furniture only to find out later it wasn’t made properly and as a result, not as strong and durable as it should be. Good furniture is those that are made with excellent workmanship and attention to detail.

Kiln Drying

Kiln drying is expensive. It is not surprising if many manufacturers don’t kiln dry their products. However, kiln drying is important. Kiln drying reduces the moisture content from the teak, which makes the teak stronger, more durable, and long-lasting. If you purchase teak furniture, especially one you want to use outdoor, make sure it has been kiln-dried properly.


When you are shopping around for teak wood furniture, find a manufacturer that sells its teak wood products at a reasonable price but without compromising the products’ quality. Depending on your needs, you want to check out manufacturers who are willing to sell without any quota. If you are unsure of the product, ask for a sample to see its quality.

Where to Purchase?

There are many teak furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. The question is, from where should you purchase Indonesian teak furniture? The quality of the products differs from one manufacturer to another, after all. Here at Nusantarajati, we use quality teak wood to produce high-quality, detailed, and precise chairs, benches lounges, and tables of all sizes with our excellent workmanship.


Just like purchasing any item, there are things to consider if you want the best deal for your money. When it comes to purchasing Indonesian teak furniture, you should consider things such as teak grade, workmanship, kiln drying, and pricing. If you want to purchase high-quality, detailed, and precise teak wood furniture, look no further than Nusantarajati.