Buying from Indonesia Furniture Manufacturers? Here’s How to Check If the Teak Furniture Is Genuine

Are you interested in buying teak wood furniture from Indonesia? If you are, you need to stop and take your time to do a bit of research. Teak wood furniture is relatively expensive compared to furniture made of other types of woods so you want the best deal possible. The thing is, there are a lot of Indonesia furniture manufacturers.

You can’t buy from a random teak wood manufacturer. Being careful is a must so you don’t end up buying fake teak furniture. Don’t worry. We will help you with that. Teak wood has unique characteristics. Due to this, you can make sure a piece of furniture is 100% teak or not by checking its color, grain, scent, and surface.


The first thing to notice when you shop around for teak wood furniture is the color of the furniture. Teak wood color is different from one to another, depending on the teak species. However, in general, superior quality teak has a golden-brown color. As the quality goes down, the more the color fades.

One important thing to note is that many Indonesia furniture manufacturers stain their products. Staining makes teak wood appears darker. This means there are pieces of furniture who appear darker but in actuality doesn’t have superior quality. This is why you should only buy from a reputable Indonesia furniture manufacturer who gladly sends sample when asked.


The next thing you can use to identify genuine teak is from the grains. How the grains look depend on factors such as the teak wood quality and sawing pattern. Typically the grains look long or straight across the wood. This is the result of plain sawing, a cutting method used to get the best wood lengths from a tree.


Natural oil is what makes teak wood so durable. This natural oil repels water, termites as well as other pets, thus protecting the teak wood. Many people described the natural oil to have a leathery scent. It might be strange but do smell the furniture. Natural oil has a remarkable scent that you are unlikely to miss.


Weight is also important. Compared to other wood types, teak wood is moderately heavier. This is why, when compared to particleboard, a solid piece of genuine teak is heavier. Its heaviness contributes to the wood’s convenience and durability. Don’t be mistaken, though. Particleboard does come in varying density, which may give the impression of teal wood.

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When you are shopping around for teak wood furniture from Indonesia furniture manufacturers, be sure to check the color, grain, scent, and weight of their products if possible. Better yet, ask for a sample. Want a hassle-free teak wood furniture shopping? Look no further than Nusantarajati. We produce genuine teak wood furniture and can send a sample if needed.