Buying Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture? Check Out These Things First

Teak furniture sure has its charm. How could it not? It simply looks beautiful and attractive, strong, durable can last for many years to come. Yes, even if it is used in an outdoor setting like a garden. Are you planning forward to buy wholesale teak garden furniture? If you are, you want to check out the following things first.


First and foremost is the expense. Teak wood furniture is a high-end product. There is no debate in that as it is more expensive than furniture made of other types of wood. However, in the long run, teak wood furniture becomes not as expensive as it seems. It requires little to no maintenance, can withstand water and harsh weather and insect-resistant.

If you are going to buy teak wood furniture in bulk, be sure that you buy it at a reasonable price. That is, a price where you can get quality teak wood furniture outdoor while not sacrificing the quality of the furniture. There are plenty of manufacturers who offer reasonable prices, so don’t worry about not finding them.


Next is eco-friendliness. This is indirectly related to teak wood furniture but is important. Make sure that you buy teak wood furniture from an eco-friendly manufacturer. Why? Because an eco-friendly manufacturer gets its material without contributing to deforestation and damaging ecosystems. By buying from such a manufacturer, you contribute to encouraging good business practice.

How can you know if a teak furniture manufacturer is eco-friendly? Just check and see if it has FSC-certification. The certification from FSC (short for Forest Stewardship Council) ensures that the timber used for the furniture was grown in plantation under strict conditions such as not only maintaining the original ecosystem but also restoring it, among others.

Finish Options

In general, there are three finish options available when you buy teak wood furniture. These options are: natural and unsealed, weathered, and sealed. Let us explain each one.

  • Natural and unsealed

Put it simply, when you buy natural and unsealed teak wood furniture, the furniture is in its natural state. It is exposed to the elements. Over time, this results in the discoloration of the teak as it turns into silvery-gray from honey brown.

  • Weathered

Natural and unsealed results in silvery-gray color. The process can take years before you can see the discoloration. With the weathered finish, however, you don’t have to wait for years. You can get the aged, weathered look now.

  • Sealed

This finish is applied to keep the timber’s rich color.

Buying Wholesale Teak Furniture

There are plenty of teak wood furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. Not all manufacturers are equal, of course. Here at Nusantarajati, we make quality products such as chairs, benches, lounges, and tables. When it comes to designs, shapes, sizes, there are lots of options for you to choose from. At Nusantarajati, you can buy wholesale teak garden furniture.


Like buying anything, buying wholesale teak garden furniture should be done carefully. This is especially true because teak furniture is expensive. As such, you want to get the best deal possible. So, do consider the three things above when you shop around. If you want to shop hassle-free, Nusantarajati is a good place to do so.