Myths about Teak Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

Are you interested in teak furniture? It goes without saying that teak furniture is premium. After all, it is high-quality, expensive, good-looking, and very durable. As good as it is, there are two myths that surround teak furniture. These myths prevent people from buying teak outdoor furniture Indonesia. Here we will tell you the truth about them.

Teak Wood Furniture Harms the Environment

The first myth is that the teak wood furniture industry harms the environment. This is only true in the past. Today, the teak wood furniture industry not only doesn’t harm the environment but also turns into an ecological business. Teak wood plantations are regulated strictly. Under FSC certification, the plantations are there to maintain and restore the ecosystem.

There is also energy consumption. Unlike materials like plastic, teak wood doesn’t consume as much energy or pollute the environment. When it is grown, teak wood doesn’t require heavy irrigation or artificial fertilizes or even insecticides. This is how energy-efficient teak wood is. When you buy teak furniture from a reputable manufacturer, you are making an ethical investment.

Teak Wood Furniture Are Expensive

When it comes to price, so far teak wood furniture is considered as expensive. But, is it true? At face value, yes. Teak wood furniture is expensive. However, if we see it in the long-term, it turns out teak wood furniture is not as expensive. If anything, it makes a great investment as it stays beautiful and strong for many years.

There are two reasons why teak wood furniture is not as expensive as they seem. First, it requires little to no maintenance. Second, it lasts for many years.

  • Teak wood furniture requires little to no maintenance

That’s right. Unlike furniture made of other types of wood, little to no maintenance is needed for teak wood furniture. Regular cleaning and stains cleaning is of course still a must. Color retaining may or may not be required, depending on whether you want to retain the original color or not. Other than these, teak wood furniture hardly needs maintenance.

  • Teak wood furniture is durable and last for many years

Teak wood furniture is known for its durability, among other things. Teak wood furniture can last for years even with little to no maintenance and faces harsh weather outdoor. Furniture made of other types of wood doesn’t last as long. Also, over time they become weak and fragile, which means you have to buy new furniture to replace them.

Want to Buy Teak Furniture for Outdoor Settings?

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These are the myths about teak outdoor furniture Indonesia. The myths about the industry harming the environment and the expensive products are not true. The industry doesn’t harm the environment as woods are sourced from legal plantations and the price is not expensive in the long-term. Be sure to check out Nusantarajati if you want to buy quality teak furniture.