Reasons Why You’d Want to Buy Jepara Indonesia Furniture

You may probably have known about how good teak wood furniture is. But do you know that teak wood furniture from Jepara, Indonesia, has exceptional quality? Jepara is a regency in Indonesia known for its furniture, particularly teakwood, products. Here, we will tell you the reasons why you want to buy Jepara Indonesia furniture.

1.High-quality materials

Teakwood is undoubtedly among the best materials to make furniture from. While it is true that furniture made of teakwood is more expensive than furniture made of other wood types, they are great investments. Compared to other wood types, teakwood is strong, long-lasting, and age gracefully. It is not uncommon to find teakwood furniture to last a lifetime.

2.Amazing craftsmanship

The works of Jepara craftsmen can be traced to as back as the 16th century. Indeed, Jepara craftsmen have been creating wood furniture for centuries and passed the amazing craftsmanship from generation to generation. Not surprisingly, you will be able to find a lot of Jepara craftsmen who are able to create high-quality furniture pieces with intricate and amazing details.

3.Various designs to choose from

While Jepara Indonesia furniture has its unique characteristics, that doesn’t mean it is the only thing Jepara furniture offers. Jepara furniture craftsmen are very skilled. Not only they are able to create furniture with Jepara characteristics, but they are also able to create furniture with classic, minimalist, and even contemporary designs. Yes, you have various designs to choose from.


One of the reasons why people like teakwood furniture is due to their durability. When other wood types need maintenance and care so they can withstand weather or pests, teakwood needs very minimal of it. Teakwood is naturally resistant to weather and pest. The only maintenance needed is regular cleaning and coating, if you want to retain the original color.


Not only teakwood is naturally resistant to weather and pests, but it is also long-lasting. Yes, including even if you leave them outside to deal with the weather. Teakwood has been used for ships for literal centuries due to their strength. As furniture, they can last a lifetime. Teakwood furniture may be expensive, but it can last for a very long time.

6.Perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings

Teakwood furniture is beautiful, even without ornaments. With ornaments, they are gorgeous. Best of all, teakwood furniture is suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings. When you put them outside, there is no need to worry about them getting harmed from weather or pests. Design-wise, there are plenty of options for both outdoor and indoor settings.

7.Furniture with custom design

What if you want custom-made teakwood furniture? No problem. There are lots of Jepara teakwood manufacturers who accept custom orders. Of course, to get the best furniture you want, you need to find a good teakwood manufacturer to make it. At the hands of a good teakwood manufacturer, you will get your dream furniture.


As you can see, there are many reasons why you want to buy Jepara Indonesia furniture. If you are looking for teakwood furniture from Jepara, look no further than Nusantarajati. Here at Nusantarajati, we produce high-quality teakwood furniture that is not only beautiful but also long-lasting. Our products include benches, chairs, loungers, and tables of all sizes and shapes.