7 Tips on Buying Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture

You want to add teak garden furniture to your garden. The thing is, there is plenty of teak garden furniture out there. If this is your first time buying teak garden furniture, it can be confusing. We are here to help you. Here, we will give you some tips on buying wholesale teak garden furniture.

#1: Make it comfortable

Since we are talking about garden furniture, we can’t help but include comfort. When you are buying furniture, you need to make sure that it is comfortable. Beautiful furniture isn’t good if they are uncomfortable. This is especially important if you are planning to use the furniture pieces in the long-term or if you want to sell them later on.

#2: Invest in quality

When you look for wholesale teak garden furniture, you don’t want cheap, low-quality ones. You want affordable, high-quality furniture pieces. It is better to buy more expensive furniture pieces if they can last much longer than cheaper ones that don’t. In other words, invest in quality. Buying high-quality teakwood furniture is a good example of investing in quality.

#3: Little maintenance

Either you buy in bulk because you want to decorate your house with teakwood furniture or sell them later, you’d want furniture pieces that require little maintenance. While teakwood furniture, in general, doesn’t require that much maintenance, there are grades of teakwood. Grade A is the best as it requires less maintenance and can last a lifetime.

#4: Finish or not

Do you want teak garden furniture with or without finish? Teak garden furniture without finish looks elegant and, well, natural. If left untreated, teak garden furniture without finish will age and over time, turns from honey brown into silvery gray, which looks very gorgeous. For a more polished and glossy look, teak garden furniture with finish is your best option.

#5: Multipurpose pieces

Furniture is not added to a room just to fill it. Furniture is there for functionality, too. Other than providing space to sit or lie down, furniture can also be used as added storage. Teak wood manufacturers usually create various furniture pieces with varying sizes and shapes. If there aren’t any pieces with storage, consider ordering custom pieces.

#6: Try it

A good teakwood furniture manufacturer will gladly allow you to test their products. Some manufacturers are even willing to sell a sample of their products to prove the products’ quality. When you shop around, make sure that you try the products, if possible. If not, ask for a sample and see if the product is comfortable.

#7: Storage

Lastly, storage. Since you are buying the products in bulk, you want to make sure that the products fit your storage. If you have limited storage, folding furniture is a good choice. Products that stack together work fine, too. If you buy high-quality teakwood garden furniture pieces, weather and pests shouldn’t be a problem.


When you are shopping around for wholesale teak garden furniture, remember our tips above. They should help you find the best teak garden furniture for you. Don’t have time to shop around? Stop at Nusantarajati, then. Here at Nusantarajati, we produce high-quality, affordable teak garden furniture of various sizes, shapes, and styles. Our products are available for wholesale.