Benefits of Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

Want to improve your outdoor spaces? Add outdoor furniture, then. When it comes to outdoor furniture, you have a lot of options to choose from. One of your options is teak outdoor furniture. Here, we will tell you the benefits of buying teak outdoor furniture Indonesia. So, read on and see if teak outdoor furniture from Indonesia suits you.

Natural look

Teakwood furniture, like any other wood furniture, offers a natural look. Finished or not, they just look beautiful with those lines and patterns. This is especially true if the furniture is made by expert craftsmen who have excellent attention to detail. In these experts’ hands, teakwood furniture looks natural and elegant. Jepara teakwood furniture is an excellent example of this.

What makes teakwood furniture different from other wood furniture is that teakwood furniture ages gracefully without maintenance. In fact, there are many people who allow their teakwood furniture to age so they turn from honey brown to silvery gray, which looks so elegant. And if you want to retain the honey brown color, you can use teakwood oil.

Strength and resilience

There are lots of reasons why people buy teak outdoor furniture Indonesia but one of them is definitely due to their strength and resilience. When you buy outdoor furniture, you want something that withstands the weather, pests, and can last for many years to come. You get all that with teak outdoor furniture with little maintenance needed.

While teakwood is technically wood, they can last 20, 30 years, or more. If they are made of good grade teak wood, they may even last a lifetime. At Nusantarajati, we make high-quality teakwood furniture from good grade materials. Our products are made by experts with excellent attention to detail. After all, there are no details too small for us.


When you are shopping around for outdoor furniture, you want furniture that can stand against the weather. You want something that even when faced with extreme weather, it remains just fine. You want furniture that you can leave outdoor without having to worry about it. This is where teakwood furniture excels than other wood furniture.

While other wood furniture needs maintenance and protection against weather, teakwood furniture is different. Furniture made of teakwood is naturally resistant to weather. It can handle just about any weather, even extreme ones. The only maintenance required is regular cleaning and if you want to retain the color, oil application. Other than that, teakwood requires no maintenance.


Back then, eco-friendliness is not something of concern when it comes to teakwood furniture. Today, things are different. Teakwood furniture is eco-friendly as each teak tree used is replaced with a new one. There is also the fact that teakwood furniture lasts for many years. This means that no furniture replacement (which needs another tree to make) is necessary.


As you can see, buying teak outdoor furniture Indonesia does bring benefits. Teak outdoor furniture from Indonesia has a natural look, strong and resilient, resistant to weather and pest, and eco-friendly.  Interested in Indonesian teak outdoor furniture? We at Nusantarajati make various high-quality, affordable teak furniture such as chairs, benches, loungers, and tables for both outdoor and indoor settings.