Teak Wood Manufacturer Indonesia and Items Made

Various furniture can be made by the teak wood manufacturer Indonesia. As a country with wide forest, Indonesia is blessed with high-quality teak wood products. That is why; you can find so many teak wood manufacturers in this beautiful country.

Indonesia also has a lot of expert craftsmen. They made various kinds of furniture all the time. That is why; you can see that nowadays the furniture made from teak wood is so diverse. Those are varied from the indoor furniture up to the outdoor ones.

The collection of that furniture can be seen in a catalog from the teak wood manufacturer Indonesia. Before purchasing it, it is better for you to know about the collections first. To make you are easier to choose, here are some items made by the manufacturer.

Outdoor Bench and Chair

Most of you maybe want to enjoy the nuance in your outdoor or indoor area. You can enjoy the fresh air in your spare time. That is why; you will need a bench or even some chairs to be placed on your terrace.

The Indonesian manufacturers have so many designs for this bench and chair. You can choose the common bench. If you want the more unique one, choosing the round bench is recommended. It will make your yard is looked different and for sure more interesting.

The chair is also varied. You can choose the high chair or foldable teak wood chair. All are looked really amazing. They come in the natural color of teak wood. However, a teak wood manufacturer Indonesia may let you custom the design or color of that chair.


Some of you maybe want to place a lounge near your pool. It will help you to relax after swimming. A lounge is also perfect to be placed in your yard. It will increase its aesthetic look. You can try this to make your yard is more interesting.

Many people prefer to have an outdoor chair furniture set because it looks classic. Some prefer a modern look with colored pillows and nice soft material on it. It is a great way to invite friends and family to lie in a lounger.

Your guest can relax before and after eating. In fact, wood that looks beautiful makes it an elegant addition in the lounge area of your home. The teak wood manufacturer Indonesia provides various kinds of loungers for every home design.

Table Teak Furniture

Just like other furniture, the teak wood manufacturer provides various collections of tables. They are varied in shape, color, and size. An example is an oval table. This table looks simple, but it still really interesting to be placed in your room.

Another option is the extending table. This table is so unique because it can be extended. The furniture made from teak wood is usually coming in two types. You can choose the furniture which is made from grade A or grade C teak wood material.

To get the maximum look, you can combine some furniture at the same time. The examples are like chairs and tables. Always remember to purchase it from the trusted manufacturer. Send your email to sales@nusantarajati.com as the best teak wood manufacturer Indonesia.