Teak Furniture Indonesia and Some Finishing Procedures Used

Some teak furniture Indonesia items are usually not finished by using paints or any other materials. It is because people prefer to see their natural patterns and fiber. However, the rests prefer to finish it with certain materials to get the desired appearance. 

Finishing is the process of coating the surface of the wood with certain materials and methods. These are useful as protection to protect the surface of the wood also adds aesthetic value. Finishing wood furniture is done to make furniture is durable, strong, beautiful, and neat.

If you want to finish your teak furniture Indonesia with coating, knowing the kinds of finishing is essential. It will make you are able to know about the strength and weaknesses of each finishing. Below are some finishing procedures for teak wood furniture. 

Closed Pore Finishing Action

It is the best type of finish that is often used to create the highest quality teak furniture. The process of closed pore finishing takes a very long time. The steps of this process are repeated several times. It needs more time to get the best result.

In general, this closed pore finishing will be coating all surfaces of wood or furniture by closing all the pores of the wood. The main focus is on the sanding process (hand sandpaper) and the application of base coated materials/base coatings. 

To produce a tightly closed surface, the base coated process can be repeated 3-5 times with sandpaper on each of these layers. To ensure that the pores of the wood are tightly closed, the supervision team will control the teak furniture Indonesia.

Open Pore Finishing Procedure

Open-pore can be interpreted where the wood’s pore is still opened. Contrary to closed pore finishing, the aim of this procedure is to make the wood pores still felt when the furniture surface is touched. It can be used for some teak wood furniture. 

Some antique, Scandinavian, industrial, and contemporary traditional furniture concepts use this type of finishing. With wood pores that are still palpated, the value of the wood is still natural. Base coated coloring, and top coated layers did on a medium scale. 

The thin procedure function is only to smooth it. This finishing procedure can reduce costs. This procedure is done with a faster time with non-over finishing material. It is suitable if you want a more affordable teak furniture Indonesia.

Finishing for the Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor conditions are certainly different from indoor teak furniture in Indonesia. Outdoor finishing must be able to adapt to extreme temperature conditions. The examples are the heat of the sun during the day, humidity at night, and rainwater or puddles. 

The finishing material used must be strong to withstand these conditions. Those are Polyurethane & Resin. It is a method of opening pores of wood that can only be used for hardwood such as teak, ironwood, etc. It will allow water and air circulation in the wood.

Choosing the right finishing is crucial. If you are not too familiar with the procedures, it is recommended to consult with the expert. You can discuss and purchase any best quality teak furniture Indonesia by sending an email to sales@nusantarajati.com.