What Teak Furniture Manufacturers did for Rustic Furniture Finishing?

The teak furniture manufacturers can make furniture with a different look. Those are like the classic, modern, up to the rustic one. Today, you will find more information about rustic design. This kind of design is now becoming really popular in the world. 

As the fans of antique furniture, you are maybe familiar with a rustic finishing. Rustic can be interpreted with old, rust, not smooth, rough, traditional, disproportionate, and not resolved perfectly. In finishing literacy, the word rustic has been transformed into an antique form of furniture.

That seems flawed due to an erosion process. It gradually erodes the surface of the wood. Creating this rustic look is not that easy. These are some teak furniture manufacturers will do to make furniture with the rustic look for your house. 

The Basic Things to Do

The definition of rustic according to some manufacturers is finishing technique by damaging the surface of the pores of wood furniture. The aims are to remove the wood veins. This damage is not in a negative word, but rather as a skill. 

It is the trained skill to change the appearance of new wood to the old because of erosion. Erosion itself means the erosion of the outer layer of wood (wood pores) due to weather changes that last for years. The wood veins look deeper and uneven. 

This technique uses an iron brush connected to a grinding machine and must be done by a professional. It is dangerous if the iron brush bristles are broken and bounce on the skin. The professional teak furniture manufacturers will do thus procedure really carefully.

The Abstractive Rustic Pattern

Rustic finishing is no longer random but arranged with certain abstract patterns. For the coating itself, it uses open-pore materials such as Nitro Celuloose, Teak Oil, Aqua Polyture, or Waterbase. Although it looks rough, it is still smooth when you touched it. 

It is because it has been coated with finishing materials. For finishing colors usually used are like the color of Salak natural brown to strengthen the rustic accent. The level of rustic roughness can be adjusted if you purchased in professional teak furniture manufacturers.

One example is the Unfinished Rustic procedure. The raw material will be directly assembled into furniture and only coated with open finishing material. Refining wood is done by manual sandpaper or by hand. It must be done really detail. 

Smooth, Medium, and Hard Rustic Finished

The rustic floating process is done with a manual iron brush. It only takes out the wood veins in the outer portion of the pores of the wood. This technique is used by the teak furniture manufacturers for finishing wash & giving glaze.

Meanwhile, the rustic medium is the most ideal rustic level as antique furniture for general use. The other method is hard rustic. It is the most extreme level of erosion to bring out very long antique dramatizations and very unique furniture. 

This type of rustic is especially for those who truly understand the value of wood beauty and erosion. Whatever your choice is, it is recommended to know the detail first. Only purchase from the best teak furniture manufacturers and send your email to sales@nusantarajati.com.