Teak Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia Best Products to Choose

All of you know that the teak outdoor furniture manufacturers Indonesia can make amazing products. The furniture is varied. It can be outdoor or indoor furniture for your properties. However, you still need to be more detailed about the wood quality.

In a teak wood industry, it is known that there are several grades of wood. Usually, the best one is usually called Grade A. After that, there will be Grade B, C, and so on. You need to know the characteristic of good teak wood.

It will make you are easier to purchase high-quality products from teak outdoor furniture manufacturers Indonesia. Good teak wood is not only seen from the color. There are some characteristics to know. Here is a further explanation for you.  

The Age of the Wood

The first is about the age of a teak wood. The older the teak, the better the quality is. It is the main concept of choosing teak wood furniture that you can use. The wood’s age must be old. The old wood always becomes the main option for furniture.

It is because old wood has very good strength and durability. Make sure the wood pores look solid too. Dense pores make wood more durable. It will have more strength against pests such as termites and more. This furniture will always look good.

The teak outdoor furniture manufacturers Indonesia may create furniture in its natural color. It will make you are easier to choose the best one. Good quality teak wood is characterized by a darker color (reddish-brown) and evenly distributed throughout the wood.

The Dead Eyes

After teak wood is cut, you will see a small round part that is surrounded by the carved patterns. The round part is usually called the ‘eye of teak wood’. In this case, there are two things; the dead eye and the healthy eye.

To choose the best wood, make sure that there is no dead eye on the wood. It is because the dead eye indicates that the related wood has a high potential for cracking. The good teak outdoor furniture manufacturers Indonesia will not use this one. 

That is why; you need to learn more about this dead or healthy eye before purchasing teak furniture. Try to get a picture of these eyes. It will make you are easier to know the differences clearly. You can get it from some references on the internet.

No Holes in the Wood

Make sure that there is no cork/wood liver tissue. Generally, the appearance of the heart on the wood is shaped like a long line and if released will cause a mark that can damage the beauty of teak wood.

Perforated wood identifies the existence of wood powder beetles. In addition, wooden holes make the appearance of the product less attractive. However, usually the professional manufacturer will have a great quality control team.

It is done to ensure that you will only get the best indoor or outdoor teak wood furniture. They will check everything because furniture is launched. One of the best teak outdoor furniture manufacturers Indonesia can be contacted through an email of sales@nusantarajati.com.