The Superiority of Jepara Indonesia Furniture Compared to Others

Jepara Indonesia furniture is no doubt of its quality. It is really popular in Indonesia and even aboard. Apart from using high-quality materials such as teak wood, Jepara furniture also has a distinctive design that is suitable for your properties.

With beautiful carvings, Jepara furniture is not the only furniture that has a use-value but also has high artistic value. Even so, Jepara furniture craftsmen continue to innovate to bring the latest designs so as not to be out of date.

For those of you who are interested in products from Jepara furniture, let's find out what are the advantages of this product. Some people said that this Jepara Indonesia furniture is better than others. Here are the reasons.

Good for Any Kinds of Interior Designs

You don’t need to worry because Jepara furniture fits all decorating styles. Even though your living room has a modern style, Jepara furniture is still as elegant as a traditional touch. It also perfects for other styles such as classic, neo-classic, rustic, and more.

Just adjust the color of Jepara furniture and fabric patterns on the chair with other elements in the room. Also, pay attention to the size of the furniture. The huge size of Jepara Indonesia furniture is more suitable for a wide room.

If you want to choose intricately carved Jepara furniture, choose just one piece of furniture. Carving too much will make the room decoration look excessive and saturate. It means that you have to mix and match the furniture really well.

High-Quality Materials

Generally, Jepara furniture uses good quality teak wood material. That is why; you cannot doubt its durability and strength. Jepara furniture is usually made from teak wood. The good thing is that the furniture can survive well for up to 20 years.

In addition, teak wood in Jepara Indonesia furniture is known as the best product in Indonesia. The wood texture is smoother with sharp fibers, and the colors are more uniform. You can choose various different products for your property such as a house, apartment, café, etc.

Jepara furniture is also comfortable to use because it is sturdy and proportionate. Although the price of Jepara furniture is relatively higher, you will get a quality that is commensurate. It is also looked really classy and also exclusive at the same time.

Jepara Indonesia Furniture has Several Grades

For those of you who want to have products from Jepara furniture but have limited funds don't worry! Jepara Furniture has three grades that you can adjust to your finances and needs. The lowest grade to choose is called grade C. 

It is made from solid wood. The Jepara furniture grade C usually still leaves a white line on the wood used so that the color of the furniture looks uneven. Meanwhile, the best teak wood used is usually called as Grade A. 

All is depended on you. Whatever the grade is, the quality of the wood is still great. That is why; you must buy it only in a trusted manufacturer. Contact to get the original and best Jepara Indonesia furniture in various designs.