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High Quality and Sustainable Indonesian Teak Furniture

High Quality and Sustainable Indonesian Teak Furniture

Furnishing your indoor and outdoor living space with Indonesian teak furniture pieces can improve the look of your home. These furniture pieces are strong, durable, and have beautiful details. However, some people are concerned about the sustainable issue when purchasing teak furniture.

They are wondering whether teak furniture is sustainable or not due to the fact that the teak harvesting process caused forest damage in Asia. However, you no longer need to be concerned about it because now Indonesia, a Southeast Asian country, has sustainable and legal teak plantations.

The Sustainability of Indonesian Teak Furniture

Many years ago, teak furniture from Indonesia is considered as ‘conflict teak’ because the timber is harvested via illegal logging that caused forest damage. Fortunately, the government of Indonesia has been able to deal with this issue successfully for years.

Thanks to the new regulations and policies, the numbers of illegal logging cases have decreased. In addition, teak furniture manufacturers in Indonesia now have the ability to get legal teak timber easily to make their products.

We and most teak furniture manufacturers in Indonesia only use teak timber that is harvested from the government’s legal and sustainable plantations, called Perhutani. The government applies strict regulation on harvesting the timber in relation to the number, age, and size of the teak trees.

Moreover, the government also has strict regulations regarding the sustainable replantation program. Therefore, teak furniture from Indonesia is sustainable, eco-friendly, and legal.

Why Choose Teak Furniture from Indonesia

We recommend you to purchase our products, Indonesian teak furniture, because we have several things that cannot be found in teak furniture from other countries.

  1. Better Timber

Teak is indigenous to Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Later on, teak is introduced to other tropical countries, such as Mexico and Costa Rica.

However, research said that teak harvested from the Latin American plantations has different quality to teak grown in Southeast Asian plantations. Indonesian teak is more dense and closed-grain so that it offers better durability when used for creating furniture.

  1. Top Artisans

Indonesia is the home of top teak furniture artisans and we ensure that we only hire ones with the best expertise. As a result, all our teak furniture products are beautiful and have excellent quality.

  1. Top Grade Teak

Teak wood comes in different qualities. This quality is affected by the age of the trees and where the wood is taken from. The older the teak tree, the better is the quality of the wood. In addition, wood taken from the heart wood has better quality than that taken from the outer wood ring.

Teak wood from the heartwood of older trees is top grade wood and we always use it on our products. As a result, our teak furniture is more durable, weather resistant, and termite resistant.

  1. Legal and Sustainable Timber

We only use legal and sustainable timber to make our teak furniture products. We also comply with the timber regulation of other countries outside Indonesia. This allows us to ship our furniture products safely to Europe and other continents.

Now, you no longer need to be concerned with the sustainability of teak furniture products from Indonesia since we use legal and sustainable teak wood to make it. If you need to make some inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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