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Add the Value of Your House with Our High-Quality Teak Furniture


Plan to spice up your interior with fine quality furniture? Indonesia teak furniture has innumerable options of furniture that will make any room in your house more appealing. Either you want to decorate your outdoor or indoor area, our teak furniture collections are ready to spoil you.

We truly understand that furniture created from teak wood is much more durable than other types of wood. However, if you expect furniture with premium quality, you have to put it on your first consideration. We ensure to meet quality criteria by maintaining all the making processes stick to the standards.

Great Care of Materials since the Beginning

We take care of the materials since they are planted in a well-managed environment. Raw logs of teak are bought from the local government plantation. We purchase teak wood in varied sizes, diameters, and lengths so it will be easier to be processed into furniture.

The teak logs are then transferred into a sawmill and cut in a wide variety of thicknesses based on the requirements of specific furniture. Then, those teak woods will be air-dried around one week by stacking them on small wedges before entering the kiln-drying machines.

Air-dried process plays important role in the quality of material prior to production. This process lowering the risk of woods getting damaged due to high heat inside a kiln-drying machine. It is because teak woods that are directly put into kiln-dryer without passing air-dried process are prone to cracking or bending.

Once air-dried process finishes, the smaller teak woods will be cut and formed into particular shapes before put into a kiln dryer. By being cut and shaped, teak woods more withstand the heat of the kiln dryer as well as shorten the kiln-drying process.

Well-Maintained Production Process

To be completely dried, the kiln-drying process takes around 2 weeks. After being kiln-dried, the teak woods are trimmed again roughly before continue to the next step. Then, they are formed into sizes and shapes including holes and details according to the designs of Indonesia teak furniture.

When all the parts are completely formed, they will be assembled by gluing one part to another in order to form the final shape. To be highly secured, screws and dowels are used to hold the parts together. The gluing and screwing process results in sturdy teak furniture.

After the assembly process, the sanding and finishing will be carried out. We really maintain this process well because it will significantly affect the furniture look. The finishing process is performed carefully so that our teak furniture free from the uneven surface.

Proper Packing and Shipping

Customer satisfaction is our major concern so we make sure that all the packing and shipping processes follow the standards in the furniture industry. We commit to providing safe packing to our products and efficient shipping so customers can receive their orders as soon as possible.

No matter what type of furniture you are looking for, Indonesia teak furniture is the right place to get a piece of teak furniture you need. It’s because every customer deserves to get high-quality teak furniture no matter how much the budget they have.

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