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Advantages of Indonesian Teak Furniture

The durability of Indonesian teak furniture is well-known. But is that the only advantage of the furniture? Of course not. The furniture has other advantages, too. Want to know what these advantages are? Read on. We make a list of them below.


No matter how you look at it, teak wood is naturally beautiful, especially the heartwood part. The beauty of teak wood lies in its color, grains, and texture.

Speaking of color, teak furniture usually starts with a warm golden brown color. This color, however, will change into a gray patina as the furniture ages. Both colors are undeniably beautiful.

Depending on your preference, you can keep the warm golden by sealing or oiling the furniture regularly or allow the furniture to age naturally so it can turn to a gray patina.


Yes, teak furniture is also versatile. Whether you choose to maintain the original warm color or allow the furniture to age to a gray patina, it can fit just about any design. Yes, be it contemporary, mid-century, or traditional. Not only that, but it can also contrast other pieces of furniture or bring balance to the room.

The golden-brown brings warmth whereas the gray patina adds muted elegance. Also, teak wood has a dense structure which allows just about any design, even delicate ones, to be made on it. h

So style-wise, you have plenty of options. No matter what your setup is, you can find teak furniture that matches it.


Another advantage of Indonesian teak furniture is its sustainability. How is it sustainable, you ask? In Indonesia, teak is regulated. For every teak tree felled, more are planted to replace it. This is done to ensure that teak will be available for future generations.


Teak is durable and beautiful, yes.  But not all teak is equal. Some are better than others. You should know that teak is divided into three grades: Grade A, B, and C, with Grade A being the best.

Grade A teak comes from the center of the trunk, which is why it contains the highest concentration of oils. These oils are the secret behind the durability of teak as they allow teak to be resistant to weather, rot, and termite.

Grade B teak is not as beautiful and durable as the Grade A teak, but it can still withstand outdoor conditions. Grade C teak is the lowest in terms of quality. It is vulnerable to outdoor conditions and termites. Of the three, Grade C is the least expensive.

If you want to buy teak furniture for your outdoor space, make sure to buy furniture made from Grade A teak. Grade B teak is an okay alternative, but it will require maintenance.

Low Maintenance

In general, teak furniture requires low maintenance. Regular cleaning and brushing is a must to keep it good-looking, of course, but other than that, it doesn’t demand much. Even without high maintenance, teak furniture can last for a long time.

These are the advantages of Indonesian teak furniture. Not only the furniture is durable, but it is also beautiful, versatile, sustainable, has excellent quality, and requires low maintenance. So, what do you think? Interested in buying teak furniture from Indonesia?


Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer Indonesia: Things to Know Before Buying Teak Furniture

Looking forward to shopping around teak wood furniture manufacturer Indonesia? Before you do that, it is a good idea to be familiar with teak furniture first. Especially so if this is your first time buying teak furniture. We can help with that. Below, we listed things to know before buying teak furniture.

5 Things to Know Before You Buy Teak Furniture

1.     Price

Teak is expensive. The high price is due not only to high demand but also to the limited availability of the timber.  If you are looking for furniture that you can replace every now and then, teak furniture is definitely not your best option.

Teak, however, is a solid option if you are looking for furniture that lasts for a long time. Teak furniture is quite durable even with little maintenance, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you are willing to spend money, teak furniture is a good investment.

2.     Sustainability

You are interested in teak furniture. But you are also concerned about sustainability. Well, no need to worry. Why? Because there are many teak wood manufacturers who practice sustainable production. Not only that but teak wood is also regulated in Indonesia, which makes the industry sustainable.

If you want to be doubly sure, buy FSC-certified teak furniture. The certification is issued by the Forest Stewardship Council. If the furniture is FSC-certified, that means it is environmentally friendly and has met the rigorous requirements that FSC has set.

3.     Wood Quality

Teak is divided into three grades based on its quality: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. Grade A is the best in terms of quality as well as the most expensive, while Grade C is the worst and least inexpensive.

If you want teak furniture that is long-lasting, buy furniture that is made from Grade A teak. Since wood quality is important, you should ask about it when you shop around teak wood furniture manufacturer Indonesia.

4.     Finishes

There are three finishes for teak furniture in general: natural or unfinished, pre-weathered, and sealed. If you like to see teak furniture age gracefully, choose unfinished teak furniture. Within a few months, the color will change from warm golden brown to gorgeous silvery gray.

Pre-weathered teak furniture already has a silvery gray color. It is a good option if you want the color to stay. This makes choosing fabrics and adding accents a lot easier.

What if you like to keep the original color? In that case, choose teak furniture that is sealed. Sealing will retain the warm golden brown color.

5.     Cleaning

It is true that teak furniture is durable and low-maintenance. But that doesn’t mean the furniture doesn’t need maintenance at all. Regular cleaning at least once a year is necessary to remove dust, dirt, and stains.

For better results, ask the manufacturer about how to clean the furniture so you don’t end up damaging it.

Teak is among the top choices for furniture, especially if it is meant for outdoor spaces. When you buy teak furniture, make sure to buy it from a good, reputable teak wood furniture manufacturer Indonesia. Teak furniture is expensive, so you want to get the best value for your money.

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