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Best Indonesia Wood Furniture Manufacturer Provides Quality Furniture

Looking for quality wooden furniture for your resident in Indonesia? Then you have to get it from the best Indonesia wood furniture manufacturer. Not any wood furniture manufacturer provides the quality wooden furniture. You must choose the right manufacturer carefully.

The most important thing in choosing quality wooden furniture is the moisture content or the MC in every piece of wooden furniture. What is it? How do you know if a piece of wooden furniture is the quality one based on the moisture content? Find the complete details below.

Understanding Wooden Furniture’s Moisture Content Before Shopping

Moisture content is a crucial thing every buyer must understand if they really need to get wooden furniture that lasts forever. MC or moisture content is the measurement between relatively water’s weight that is compared with the wood’s weight.

Always remember that every type of wood is extremely unique. Wood is hygroscopic material which means wood can adjust itself with the condition around it. If a wood is placed in a moist area, that wood is going to absorb the moisture. Then it will make the wood expand.

When the wood is placed in a dry area, the wood can be drier. When the wood becomes drier, it will shrink and it isn’t good since shrinkage is going to cause some problems like wood bend or wood cracks. You have to find the right furniture for your exterior and interior.

Finding Indonesia Wood Furniture Manufacturer That Uses the Right Wood

Lumber and wood must have 6 to 8 percent of moisture level to be used inside the house. And if you are looking for wooden furniture for your exterior, you need wooden furniture with 9 to 14 percent moisture level. How do you know if the moisture content of wooden furniture is correct?

  • Using the pin type moisture meter for wood

This moisture meter is using the penetrating electrodes as well as the electrical resistance to measure the moisture content of wood. Wood doesn’t conduct the electricity while water does. So the wood’s dryness will be determined by the resistance’s amount to the electrical current.

  • Leveraging pin-less moisture meter for wood

This kind of moisture meter will scan the surface of the wood and then cover the big area. This moisture meter will provide a thorough picture of moisture content of the wood. Pin-less moisture meter doesn’t leave any damaging pinholes on surface the of the wood.

  • Buying wooden furniture from trusted manufacturer

If you have no idea how to use both tools above, the last option is to purchase wooden furniture from a reputable Indonesia wood furniture manufacturer. Find a manufacturer that has been trusted by many buyers and got so many positive reviews.

Fortunately, your search is now over since you have found us. Our products must pass the quality check first before they’re out to our customers. We don’t provide wooden furniture that breaks easily but the ones that last forever. Find only quality wooden furniture by visiting our site and we’ll help you get one.

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