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Choose Various Kinds of Teak Furniture from Our Fine Teak Products

Buying teak furniture serves as a good investment for you. It is not only because furniture made from teak is long-lasting but also they are available at quite a high price. Its addition to any room also can enhance the whole appearance of it.

Satisfyingly, finding furniture that is made from teak is quite easy in Indonesia. However, cannot expect that all of them are available in high-quality. Hence, it’s essential for you to consider several of these factors before you purchase any furniture made from teak lumber.

Observe the quality of wood

Teak wood mostly can last for years but the quality can be different from one another like other types of wood. One of the important factors that affect teak lumber quality is where it is planted. Teak from the plantation with fertile soil and rare water source produces a dense wood with the solid grain.

Most teaks we use to make furniture are taken from the government forestry bureau or Perhutani. The teaks not only grew in nutritious soils but also receive different treatments that make them higher in quality and price compared to those grown in individual owner plantation.

Knowing the Construction Detail

Another thing that affects the quality of the furniture from teak is its construction. Teak lumber should be completely kiln-dried before being processed into furniture. Drying is an important process that affects the durability of teak since the lumber containing is prone to damage.

Besides, gluing and screwing in the joinery process also contributes to good construction. The materials used to join each part of the teak to the other should be of high-quality as well. Thus, the teak furniture formed will appear in good finish and can last for years.

The Quality of Supporting Hardware

The wood is not the only thing to form good and durable furniture, the hardware also contributes to the whole quality of the furniture. Besides, the hardware used in the furniture affects its price. We use both factory-handmade and locally-handmade hardware for our furniture products.

We provide a wide variety of hardware samples so that customers can select the ones they like the best. They even can order customized hardware if they don’t find any hardware that suits their style from our samples. Customers even can order the type of materials they would like to use for the furniture.

The Finishing Look of the Furniture

Telling the good quality of finished products is quite hard. We can say antique furniture for example will have thoroughly solid color as well as smooth and fine sanding. However, it does not completely guarantee the overall quality.

Instead, you need to ask the vendors for a warranty and do regular checks on the finished products that are available. Hence, discussion with the vendors and look around on their workshop should be carried out before buying.

Wrapping Up

Determining the quality of the furniture from teak is important before you purchase them. The high-quality of teak not only can be long lasting but also preserves its original look for years. So, don’t hesitate to put your option to our teak furniture products since we take quality considerations as our main priority.

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