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Decorate Your Garden with Safe Teak Furniture from Our Wholesale

Wholesale teak garden furniture becomes a great alternative for you who are looking for outdoor furniture but can’t approach directly the manufacturer. People feel comfortable buying from a wholesaler because it is located closer to their home but provides the same quality of teak furniture offered by the manufacturer.

Best products and services are our focus to meet the customers’ demand who are looking for garden furniture made from fine quality of teak. We work together with experienced teak furniture manufacturers so that customers can obtain the quality of teak furniture they deserve.

Years of Experience in Teak Furniture Making

We have been producing for teak furniture industry for more than two decades. With those long experience, we have made numerous designs of teak furniture, even special designs that perfect to be placed in your outdoor spaces like a garden.

Our great track record in running this teak furniture business is none other than the results of brilliant thoughts and hard works of our professional team. That’s why our products recently have reached customers in various countries worldwide including Australia, Egypt, Japan, Korea, and many more.

Well-Maintained Production Process

We truly know that any imperfection can destroy the furniture finished look at once as it drops the furniture value. To prevent this, we conduct regular monitoring as well as quality control during the making process of each furniture. It’s to ensure that all the processes meet the standards and produce high-quality products.

The combination of team production creative ideas and experienced workmanship has allowed our manufacture to turn raw materials into final furniture that worth making your garden more appealing. Our furniture is just a perfect addition to any space at your home.

Eco-Friendly Materials in the Production

Environment sustainability is the priority of our wholesale teak garden furniture so that we use safe materials for the environment. We don’t harvest teak wood randomly from the plantation. Instead, we make sure all the woods are reported to the national timber legality assurance system before entering production.

Not only using legal woods to create furniture, but we also choose eco-friendly materials to create the finished look which is not harmful to both workers and the environment. Our eco-friendly paints and polishes ensure the teak furniture are safe to be used in the garden.

Available in Worthy Prices

We can’t guarantee the quality of teak furniture at its affordable price. We set the prices for our teak garden furniture to be as competitive as other wholesale prices. If there is anything that we could guarantee is that the price worth the quality and value of the furniture.

By selling our furniture at wholesale prices, we expect customers can take advantage of teak furniture for their garden a quality close to teak furniture which is directly produced and sold from the teak furniture manufacturers.

Buying outdoor teak furniture with a high-quality and competitive price for your garden is possible if you get it from wholesale teak garden furniture. It allows you to get furniture with manufacturer-like quality but at slightly more affordable prices and you can expect to have furniture that is safe for the environment.

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