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Get Teak Garden Furniture with Competitive Prices from Our Wholesaler

If you are not really comfortable buying directly from the manufacturer, wholesale teak garden furniture can be a good solution to find any piece you like for your outdoor space. Offering similar product quality with the manufacturer’s ones, you can get your favorite furniture from the closest place to yours.

With the best products and services we commit to fulfill customers’ satisfaction when they want to get fine garden furniture from teak. We built a partnership with experienced teak manufacturers so that customers can something special from ours.

Highly Expertise in Producing Teak products

Been joining the furniture industry for over two decades, we have experienced in creating various designs of teak furniture including the ones used for outdoor.

Our expertise in running this business cannot be separated from the professional team which the results of their thought and hard work can be enjoyed by many customers from different countries worldwide. Our products have reached Korea, Japan, Australia, Spain, Egypt, Mexico, and other countries.

Well-Preserved Quality Products

We understand that no matter how good the furniture look is if there is any defect left, it will drop the furniture value. We carry out regular monitoring and quality control during the furniture production to maintain the quality and make sure it meets the standards.

Our products are the results of an expert production team and skillful craftsmen that are in charge of transforming the raw materials into ready furniture that will spruce up your garden look.

Following Eco-Friendly Standards

Our wholesale teak garden furniture puts an environment as the main consideration of the furniture-making process. Thus, we not only take teak wood from the forest but also make sure that all the woods we use for production is regularly reported to the national timber legality assurance system.

Besides transforming legal wood into valuable furniture, we use eco-friendly finishing materials that are safe for our workers and environment, particularly the ones that will be used in an outdoor area. This eco-friendly quality also can be obtained from paints and polishes we use.

Offering Competitive Prices

Affordable prices do not always guarantee the quality of products. We maintain our teak garden furniture prices to remain competitive with other wholesalers in the market. We offer the prices that worth with the quality of products we sell.

By purchasing with the wholesale prices, customers can take the benefit of obtaining teak furniture for their outdoor space with a quality similar to the ones produced directly from the teak furniture manufacturers.

Ensuring Customers Receive the Best Services    

Partnering with teak furniture manufacturers, we deliver the best services in helping customers to get the furniture they want. We help them from the very beginning until they receive furniture at home. We are available for discussion either for deciding the furniture to further actions for any complaints of our products.


Getting outdoor teak furniture for your garden with both fine quality and prices is possible if you go to wholesale teak garden furniture. You not only can expect a similar quality like the ones produced directly from the manufactures but also the best services until the furniture arrives at your doorstep.

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