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Is Teak Furniture Costly?

There are many considerations when we buy furniture. Cost is surely among the most important considerations in buying furniture. Of all types of furniture, teak furniture is surely among the most expensive. But is it really costly for short- and long-term? Or is it only costly initially? Read on and you will know the answer.

Durableand Long Lasting

There is no doubt about the durability of furniture made of teak wood or whether or not it lasts long. Teak wood is one of the best types of wood. It has among the highest volume to weight ratio, class II strength and contains various oils and resins that protect the wood.

Furniture made of other types of wood is not as costly as teak wood furniture. The thing is, they are also not as durable and as long-lasting. You would have to replace them when they are damaged. On the other hand, furniture made of teak wood seems costly but they last for years and are unlikely to be replaced.

 Little to No Maintenance

What about maintenance? Furniture made of other types of wood is more likely to need maintenance. Moreover, the cost of maintenance, time and energy may add up in the long term. In other words, the furniture may be inexpensive initially but overtime becomes costly as you maintained it. Teak wood furniture, however, is different.

With teak wood furniture, you can just place them outside, leave them untreated and it will last for years. Teak wood furniture can handle extreme weather, water, and even pests. The only maintenance you do is when you want to retain its light brown color. For that, you need to treat it with teak oil once a year.

What if you don’t maintain teak wood furniture? In that case, it will age and lose its light brown color. Dont worry, teak wood ages gracefully. As it gets older, it will turn from a light brown to a silvery gray color. This aged look is loved by many, which says a lot about how good it looks aged.

High Value and Remains So for a Long Time

Being expensive, teak wood furniture has high value. Unlike furniture made with other types of wood, the value of teak wood furniture doesn’t diminish as quickly. On the contrary, there are people who like aged teak wood furniture. This, of course, helps to retain the high value of the furniture.

The process of making furniture is done with expertise from the beginning to the end, thus resulting in high quality and high-value.  We use select teak wood with good quality and turn them into various pieces of furniture such as benches, loungers, tables, and chairs. We offer high-value furniture at reasonable prices.

Is costly? Yes, but only initially. After considering factors like durability, maintenance and value, teak wood furniture is not that costly compared to other types of furniture. After all, furniture made of teak last a long time even when placed outdoors with no maintenance, require little to no maintenance and has high value

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