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Opt For High-Quality Teak Furniture from Our Best Teak Collections

Teak furniture serves the quality worth the money you spend. You need to pay a high price for teak furniture due to its high durability. Even it can be inherited from one generation to generation. Wherever it is placed, you can expect more appealing space.

Recently, the number of sellers that offer furniture from teak keep flourishing in Indonesia. However, how about their quality? Are they worth enough to buy? If you plan to buy teak lumber furniture, make sure to take some of these things into account so you can get the best piece.

Quality of Materials

Although most teak can last for long years, similar to other woods, teak has different levels when it comes to quality. The location where teak is planted plays a major role to affect its quality. Most likely, teak with a plank of dense wood and solid grain only can be found to grow in fertile soil and rare water source.

The teaks we use to produce furniture are dominantly harvested from Perhutani or the government forestry bureau. Teaks planted in Perhutani area got nutritious soil and treat differently so it raises their quality and price rather than teaks planted by individual owners.

Furniture Construction Details

Construction of the furniture is one of the main factors that affect its quality. To meet the standards, teak should pass the kiln-drying process before it’s created for furniture. Teak lumber originally contains high moisture and the drying process helps to reduce it and make it more durable.

Furthermore, the assembly process that includes gluing and screwing also contribute to the furniture quality. Both the glue and screws used to connect the furniture parts need to be high quality too. Just by those, teak furniture with a great finish will be formed and long-lasting.

The Supporting Hardware Used

The main material is not the only thing that defines the quality of teak furniture. The hardware added to it also affects the whole quality of furniture and also its price. Our teak furniture used two types of hardware, which are factory-made and locally handmade.

Not only the furniture but have we also provided samples for the hardware so that customers have ideas to select types of hardware they will add to the furniture. Even for unique hardware, they also can order the customized ones. They also can decide what materials will be used to make the hardware.

The Finished Quality of Teak Furniture

Determining the quality of finished furniture can be a little bit tricky. The majority of high-quality furniture comes out with a fine sanding surface as well as have an evenly solid color. Yet, it doesn’t merely guarantee the whole quality.

To be more convinced, asking the vendors about the warranty as well as conducting continual checks on the finished furniture is important. Talk with the vendors about the furniture details and check the furniture personally if it’s available in the workshop.

Knowing the quality of the furniture is essential before purchasing one. High-quality teak furniture is both durable and keeps on its original looks even after long years of use. For that kind of quality, we have a furniture piece you are looking for.

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