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Teak Furniture: The Best Hardwood Furniture

Teak Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home, you will likely need to have some wood furniture. This particular furniture is made of different types of hardwood and each of them offers different qualities. If you are looking for the best furniture, we recommend teak furniture.

What is Teak Furniture?

Some of you may not be familiar with the teak wood furniture. It is understandable because teak is indigenous to Southeast Asian countries. This tropical wood has beautiful golden color and excellent durability so that it makes high quality furniture products.

You can find various teak wood furniture products, for example bed frames, coffee tables, chest of drawers, chairs, and many others. Some of them are sold as outdoor furniture pieces and others are sold as indoor furniture.

Some teak outdoor furniture products are untreated. The color of these products will turn to patina when they are exposed to the sun. Many people love to have them because they are beautiful.

However, it is important to note that you must purchase legal teak furniture. Some teak wood manufacturers get their timber from illegal logging, but others get it from legal and sustainable plantations. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have teak wood furniture from teak plantations.

What Makes Teak Furniture the Best?

Teak wood furniture is considered as the best furniture because it has some great features.

  1. Weather Resistant

Teak wood furniture can stand harsh weather very well. Sun exposure will not damage the teak outdoor furniture. Meanwhile, rain will not damage it either. How can teak wood furniture have excellent weather resistance?

It is because this particular timber is high in natural oil. This oil will protect this wood from heat and moisture. However, to make your teak furniture last longer, you need to make sure that it is well protected in the winter.

  1. Termite Resistant

If you have a problem with termites at home, teak wood furniture is the best choice to furnish your home. It is because this furniture is resistant to termites. Termites dislike teak wood because it is high in natural oil. Therefore, this oil has the ability to protect the wood from termites.

  1. Durable

Since heat, moisture, and termites will not damage teak wood easily, the furniture made of this wood will last for a long time. Teak wood also has excellent density that makes this hardwood very durable and strong.

  1. Minimum Maintenance

When you have teak furniture, you don’t need to do many things to maintain its beauty. Untreated teak wood furniture will turn into beautiful color overtime. To clean this furniture, you only need to dust it regularly.

If it has some stains on it, you can brush the teak wood furniture or sand it lightly. Some people apply teak sealant once a year to maintain the beautiful color of this furniture.

Teak wood is the best hardwood for furniture, but it can be a bit expensive. In spite of its higher price, teak wood furniture is a great investment. It will last for decades and its value will increase if you maintain it well.

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