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What Furniture Buyer In Indonesia Need To Know?

Indonesia wood furniture

As a furniture buyer, it is important that you buy from a reliable manufacturer. There are many important things to keep in mind when you buy furniture.

Wood is a natural material and will always expands and contrast throughout the different seasons. It is important that your supplier knows how to apply the best construction in order to minimize the risks for quality issues. Wood can also bend is it is not kiln dried properly or if wrong construction is used to assemble the furniture. Besides, there are also many different qualities and types of wood, affecting the aesthetics and also the quality of your furniture.

As a furniture buyer it is important to find the right balance between price and quality. In the end it is a lot about money. Minimizing material costs can be important but on the other hand you want to buy qualitative good quality materials in order to minimize quality issues. Buying cheap furniture will cause a lot more trouble and extra costs in the long run.

Best Place To Buy Furniture In Indonesia?

In the city Jepara, in Central Java, you will find the heart of Indonesia furniture manufacturers. Jepara breathes furniture. In Jepara you will see furniture factories everywhere you go. The level of skilled labour in Jepara compared to other cities is very high because all the skills are passed on from father to son. In the bigger cities such as Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya, you will find bigger factories that produce fully machine-made furniture which require high minimum order quantities. In Jepara you will be able to find many factories that can do custom design furniture with low minimum order quantities, as long as you buy one full container.

Nusantara Jati as the recommended choice for purchasing teak furniture, not only in the domestic market, but also penetrate the international market. The price that offered also very competitive and the quality are guaranteed. Some of our products are teak garden benches, teak tables, garden chairs and we also accept teak garden furniture custom design. As a manufacturer of patio furniture, we also serve bookings teak furniture for the garden or outdoor, in bulk and suppliers. It is not only suitable for those who want to fill full the home furniture, but also suitable choice for your businesses such as restaurants, hotels and others.

Nusantara Jati only used best quality teak material in each product that is supported by professional human resources and advanced equipment to produce high quality furniture products with varied design options. The types of teak that we provide are divided into several categories of quality, so you can be free to choose and adjust with the budget. We provide various kinds of furniture products, like teak garden bench, teak garden table, chairs, garden steamer and we also accept custom design of teak garden furniture.

Buy Furniture From Indonesia

Indonesia offers a great variety of different products. Indonesia is unique compared to other countries such as China and Vietnam in being able to offer quality teak wood furniture. Jepara is the capital for solid wooden furniture. You can find furniture at every available budget and many different wood types. Just be very careful that you buy from a supplier that properly kiln dries the wood to prevent high risks of quality issues as a later stadium.



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