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Why Is Teak Furniture the Best Option for Outdoor Spaces?

Why Is Teak Furniture the Best Option for Outdoor Spaces?

Outdoor furniture is not as sheltered as indoor furniture. As such, you want to get furniture that can withstand the elements and weather. Like teak furniture, for example. Below, we listed the reasons why furniture made from teak is the best option for outdoor spaces.

Teak is durable

First and foremost, durability. Teak is well-known for its durability. Teak can withstand the elements and weather. Rain or shine, teak can handle just fine. Teak has natural weather resistance, thanks to its large amount of oils.

Also, since teak is a quite hard wood, cracking or splintering is less likely to happen. When maintained properly, furniture made from teak can last for a very long time. This is great if you don’t want to replace your furniture every now and then.

Teak wood is divided into three grades: Grade A, B, and C. If you want to buy furniture made from teak for outdoor spaces make sure that it is made from Grade A teak.

Teak is beautiful

We all know how beautiful teak is. Of course, when looking for outdoor furniture, you want one that is not only durable but also good-looking. Furniture made from teak check both boxes.

The beauty of teak is also unique. Its original color is warm golden-brown. If you allow it to age, the color will change to a silvery gray. Both colors are gorgeous, so it will be up to you whether to allow the color change or retain the original color.

Teak is versatile

Yes, teak is versatile, both in terms of color and style. The colors allow you to balance the room or bring contrast to it. As for the style, since teak wood is not easily chipped off, any design (yes, including intricate ones) can be made on it.

This provides you with plenty of style options. Whether you have a contemporary, mid-century, or traditional design, teak furniture will fit in well. That’s how versatile it is.

Teak is low maintenance

The durability of teak brings another advantage: furniture made from teak requires little maintenance. This is particularly true if you allow it to age gracefully into a silvery gray. With regular cleaning once a year, the furniture can last for many years to come.

If you want to retain the color, extra maintenance is required. But even that is minimal compared to maintenance required to maintain outdoor furniture made from other materials.

Teak is worth the price

Another thing that teak is well-known for: expensive price. The demand for teak wood is high and yet, it has limited availability. Thus, it is hardly surprising if furniture made from teak is expensive.

The question is, is it worth the price? Absolutely. Furniture made from teak lasts for many years. That means you don’t need to spend more money to replace your furniture. You need to pay more upfront, yes, but in the long run, you save more money. It is a good investment that is worth the price.

These are the reasons why teak furniture is the best option for outdoor spaces. So, what do you think? Are you interested in filling your outdoor space with furniture made from teak?



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