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3 Different Types of Indonesian Teak Furniture

Teak wood can come from any country around the world. You can find teak wood in America and Africa. But there is something special with Indonesian teak furniture. Choosing the seller of teak wood furniture is as crucial as selecting the quality teak wood furniture itself.

Take a look at Indonesian furniture made of teak wood. You will see that Indonesian version is truly hard that reflects the high quality and the genuineness of teak wood. Great quality teak wood furniture has straight grain as well as slight pleasant aroma.

Quality of Indonesian Wooden Furniture

Do you know that different climates where the teak trees grow affect the quality of teak wood? In Indonesia, teak trees grow in Sulawesi, Java, and Sumatra. Each island provides teak timber in different quality. How do you know which teak wood is the best one?

  • Wooden furniture made of teak wood from Sumatra

Teak wood from Sumatra is considered as the one with lowest quality. It is because Sumatra’s teak wood shrinks more easily compared to the other teak wood that comes from Sulawesi and Java islands. This kind of teak wood furniture is available at the lowest price.

  • Furniture made of teak wood from Sulawesi

Sulawesi’s teak wood is in the middle between Sumatra and Java’s teak wood. Both the price and quality of teak wood furniture from Sulawesi are lower than the one from Java but is still better than the one from Sumatra.

  • Teak wood furniture from Java

Though most of Indonesian teak furniture that comes from Java has high quality, some of them have low quality. It means you shouldn’t believe any teak wood furniture manufacturer in Java. Make sure you get teak wood furniture that is made of mature teak log.

Visit the manufacturer of teak wood furniture you want to buy and take a look at their teak logs. Minimum diameter of mature tree log is 30 centimeters. If the tree teak log you see has a smaller diameter, it is not old enough and it doesn’t have the mature heart wood.

Teak trees’ lifespan can reach more than 100 years and their diameter can pass a meter. The teak trees that have 30 centimeters diameter usually are 20 years old trees. Get your mature teak wood furniture only from trusted and experienced manufacturers like us.

The Different Grades of Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood furniture is categorized in three different grades, the grade A, grade B, and grade C. If you want to invest on your furniture, you need to get Indonesian teak furniture with highest quality which is the grade A. Grade B is okay but it won’t last as long as the A. Grade C must be your last option.

Fortunately, we provide only the best teak wood furniture that is best for your interior and excellent for your exterior. Our teak wood furniture is not made of young teak logs but from the best teak trees in Indonesia. Contact us now to get only the best teak wood furniture for your interior and exterior.

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