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3 Guides to Find Best Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture

Way before you look for wholesale teak garden furniture, you need to know what you need. There are so many types of wholesale furniture you can find in the market. Which one will you pay for? The high price or the quality? We have things you need to know before purchasing any wholesale furniture.

Checking the Wholesale Teak Furniture Before Purchasing

Out there, you are going to see lots of wholesale furniture at a low price. But is it worth the quality? What should you do when you’re doing the checking on those furniture pieces? Even before you make any purchase of teak outdoor furniture from us, make sure you follow this guide to find the best pieces.

  • Fumigated wooden furniture

When shopping for teak wood furniture, make sure that the wholesale teak wood furniture is free from termites, fungi, and the other insects. Always ask the teak garden furniture sellers if they fumigate their products. It is crucial since those insects may cause fatal damage to your furniture.

Fumigation usually is done before suppliers transport their products. But suppliers in some countries even require thorough fumigation to their teak garden furniture before they do the finishing process. No matter when the fumigation is done, make sure it is completely done.

  • The moisture content of wholesale furniture

Since you’re purchasing the wholesale teak garden furniture in Indonesia which is a country with a tropical climate, always make sure that you check on the furniture’s moisture content, especially if you don’t live in a country with a tropical climate but you want to import that Indonesian furniture.

For teak wood garden furniture, the allowed moisture content is 10 percent. But if you’re looking for mahogany furniture, 14 to 15 percent of moisture content is acceptable. Since different wood has different moisture content requirements, make sure you get the correct details from the supplier.

  • Find suppliers with responsible furniture productions

Once you decide to get wholesale furniture for your garden from Indonesia, you need to assess if the production is up for this job. Many smaller sellers usually fail to meet buyers’ expectations because of their poor planning.

Those sellers may misattribute the drawbacks then avoid the responsibility. That’s why you need to pick the most trusted and reputed seller like us who have been serving numerous customers for years. Our experience will ensure that you get the right pieces in the right price and quality.

We have produced various detailed teak wooden furniture for interior and exterior. If you need to check out our products’ quality, feel free to visit us and physically inspect our products. We’ll be glad to help you choose the best teak garden furniture depends on the budget you have allocated for this.

Your main purpose in looking for wholesale teak garden furniture is to get long lasting pieces at a lower price. The low price is not always identical with low quality. Find your own quality teak outdoor furniture at a reasonable price that will stay right outside your door for years from now.




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