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2 Wooden Furniture from Indonesia Wood Furniture Manufacturer

As an experienced Indonesia wood furniture manufacturer, we use quality woods to build your furniture. Teak wood is the main material we use in building our products. However, there are other woods that are used to build furniture.

Softwoods and hardwoods are two different types of woods that are the main materials for furniture. What’s the difference between those types? Which one is the best material for your interior and exterior?

Beautiful Woods for Your Furniture

When you’re looking for new furniture, you need to know which one is hardwood and which one is softwood. Don’t let the seller fool you and sell something cheap for a high price just because you don’t know the differences between them.

  • Hardwood furniture

You can tell a furniture piece is made of hardwood if it has hardness. But, hardwood is not always denser and harder than softwood. Actually, hardwood is a term for wood that comes from the flowering trees. Softwood on the other hand is wood that comes from the conifers.

Walnut, oak, teak, and maple are examples of hardwood, the main material to build outdoor furniture. Hardwoods grow more slowly compared to softwoods, allowing them to grow denser fibers than softwoods. Hardwood furniture is way more durable compared to softwood furniture.

Furniture pieces made of hardwoods will not rot and decay as easily as furniture pieces made of softwood. If you love furniture that requires lower maintenance, get hardwood furniture pieces from us, the reputed Indonesia wood furniture manufacturer.

Due to the strength and durability, our hardwood furniture pieces will be great for your exterior as well. They will fight against extreme weather no matter where you live.

  • Softwood Furniture

Seed bearing trees like spruce, pine, cedar, fir, redwood, yew, and juniper are the source of softwoods. Cutting those evergreen trees is easier than cutting hardwoods since those trees are less dense compared to the deciduous trees.

Besides, softwoods grow straight and tall, so that cutting the logs long and straight to get wood planks can be done more easily. If you need furniture that is light in weight yet comes with fine structure, our furniture pieces made of softwood will be a brilliant option.

Softwood is not only the source for furniture but also for interior and exterior wall cladding, floor coverings, fittings, scaffoldings, and formworks. Now you can even match your furniture pieces with the other elements in the room.

Is it legal to place softwood furniture outside? Like next to the pool or in the middle of the garden? There is no rule about it but softwood furniture has less strength and durability so you better provide a shade for it so that the sun won’t eliminate its beauty and the rain won’t destroy it.

Before purchasing any furniture, whether softwood or hardwood, you better meet the professional first. As a trusted Indonesia wood furniture manufacturer, we can recommend which furniture pieces are the best for your home, either interior or exterior. Feel free to talk to us before you make any purchase.

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