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Various Woods Used by Indonesia Furniture Manufacturers

Most of Indonesia furniture manufacturers offer furniture made of teak wood. But actually, wooden furniture can be made of various types of woods. Before purchasing any wooden furniture, you need to understand what kind of wood is used in the building.

It is essential since different types of wooden furniture come with different qualities. The price varies as well, following the quality that the wood has. By knowing the type of wood used in the making of wooden furniture, you’ll know if the price it has is worth the quality.

Beautiful Wooden Furniture Types in Indonesia

Softwoods and hardwoods are both used to make Indonesian furniture. Softwoods usually are chosen to create indoor furniture while hardwoods are for outdoor furniture. However, here are some famous woods used by furniture manufacturers to build wooden furniture in the market.

  • Walnut furniture

Walnut is loved because of its durability, strength, and hard character. This kind of wood carves well. It also holds the shape it has for years. If you want ornate furniture, pick one that is made of walnut that requires craftsmanship at a high level.

Also, if you are looking for wooden furniture that is perfect for investment, you’re going to love walnut furniture. Furniture pieces made of walnut will stay in the family for many generations.

  • Maple wood furniture

Another hard wood that can be used to build furniture is maple wood. This kind of wood usually is used in the building of dining sets, dressers, and the other heavy use items. Compared to teak wood, maple wood is a more affordable option provided by Indonesia furniture manufacturers.

Even though the price is lower than teak wood furniture, maple wood furniture comes with durability. It is a perfect choice for families, especially the young one.

  • Mahogany furniture

Mahogany is another durable hardwood used by manufacturers to build furniture. Furniture made of this incredible wood has fine and straight grain. The mahogany tree has large size, that’s why it can provide large boards.

If you want furniture that can be your interior’s focal point, mahogany is the best choice. The timeless look adds warmth to your room. If you know how to maintain mahogany furniture, it can last forever.

  • Pine furniture

Furniture made of pine wood is the best choice for farmhouse and rustic interior. Pine wood furniture is also a light in weight, if your family moves frequently, this one is a perfect option. Compared to teak wooden furniture, pine wood furniture is way much cheaper.

Feel free to paint pine wood furniture in any color to match your kids’ room.

No matter what wooden furniture you desire, make sure you get it from us, the experienced Indonesia furniture manufacturers. All our furniture pieces are made of chosen woods with high quality and reasonable price.

Visit us and feel the furniture before you shop. Our team is going to help you choose the right pieces. You need to be really sure that the price you’re about to pay is worth the comfort and quality of all pieces.

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