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3 Types of Teak Garden Furniture Jepara for Your Backyard

teak garden furniture Jepara

Teak is one of the best materials of wooden furniture for gardens since its strong characteristic makes it perfect for outdoor use. And teak garden furniture Jepara is the best garden furniture product since Jepara is where quality teak furniture comes from.

Factors Buyers Must Look for During Teak Garden Furniture Shopping

If you want some teak garden furniture, there are factors you need to look for during the shopping. We list everything you need to learn and follow below. As long as you follow them, you’ll find the right garden furniture made of teak for your exterior.

Teak wood comes in three different grades which each of them have a different price and quality. They are known as Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. Furniture made of teak wood in Grade A has glossy and even tones with warm honey color.

The Grade A teak wood comes from the log’s mature heart. This Grade A can only make up to 25 percent of log, no wonder every piece of garden furniture made of Grade A teak wood can be truly expensive. Actually, the price of this wood is twelve times pricier compared to Grade C teak wood.

However, the benefits that come with Grade A teak wood is outweighing its cost. This first-class garden furniture is going to be a superior teak garden furniture Jepara since it cannot break down under the bad weather. It is also more durable compared to the other teak wood grades.

  • Garden furniture made of Grade B teak wood

The Grade B still comes from teak’s heartwood. However, this one is unlike the first type above since it doesn’t come from the mature heartwood which is in the center. But it comes from the heartwood’s outer part which is semi-mature.

This Grade B teak wood looks slightly duller and lighter compared to the previous version. Grain of this teak wood is less even. Also, there will be several small imperfections that look like knots. The Grade B teak wood is also less oily compared to Grade B and less expensive as well.

  • Grade C teak wood garden furniture

Finally, there is teak wood that comes from the tree’s outer sections. The outer sections worked by transporting water and minerals to the tree’s crown, making them much softer compared to two previous grades. You can recognize this grade of teak wood easily.

If you see teak wood garden furniture that has patchiness in the colors and lots of knots on the wood, the furniture is made of Grade C teak wood. Due to the oil content inside the wood is very little, furniture made of this teak wood can be easily damaged under various elements.

When shopping for some teak garden furniture Jepara, you need to find trusted and honest manufacturers like us. You deserve what you pay and we will make sure that you get the quality teak garden furniture that matches your needs and your budgets.

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