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4 Essential Factors to Purchase Jepara Furniture Wholesale

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As the major manufacturer of furniture, Indonesia had exported lots of furniture which usually is made of wood. You can find many manufacturers as well as suppliers of wood furniture in Indonesia. But the best place to get wooden furniture is in Jepara furniture wholesale.

Though you’re purchasing wholesale furniture, make sure you check each piece so you’ll get quality wooden furniture that will last longer. In order to know which furniture is good and which one is not for you, there are some factors you must remember.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Wholesale Furniture

Always check the build quality of wooden furniture, especially if you want one from teak wood. The price of teak wood furniture is higher than any other wooden furniture. Make sure you get what you pay. Always check these factors before you make any wholesale furniture purchase.

  • Furniture construction’s fitting

You need to watch the fittings type that is used in the furniture construction. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, look for ones that used high quality stainless steel or brass in furniture’s construction.

If you pick furniture that doesn’t use that kind of fitting, your outdoor wooden furniture can rust quickly. Also, the aesthetic appeal and durability of your wooden furniture can be affected negatively. You don’t want to pay more for something not durable, do you?

  • Glue used in building wooden furniture

Next thing to check when you’re looking for quality Jepara furniture wholesale is the use of glue. Some bad manufacturers would use low quality glue in order to keep the cost down. This isn’t good since low quality glue doesn’t hold the furniture well, making the furniture not long lasting.

Make sure that the wholesale furniture you’re going to buy is built with strong glue such as resin glue and PVA or European polyurethane.

  • The shape of the timber

When you want wooden furniture that less is expensive, you don’t want to choose wooden furniture that comes in low quality. Try to find wooden furniture that uses the straight pieces to build it. The curved pieces that are used to make the furniture truly are more comfortable and look aesthetic.

But wooden furniture made of those pieces will also come in higher price since it used the large wood chunks and needed more production cost. Purchasing furniture made of good quality wood that has straight pieces will help you save some money.

  • Wooden furniture’s design

Always test the wooden furniture before you make any purchase. The furniture you desire must look really aesthetically pleasing. However, the awesome furniture will be nothing if you don’t feel comfortable when using every piece.

Only purchase wooden furniture from manufacturers that are proud to show you the close-up furniture photographs. We’ll show you the complete photographs of our products and make sure you know what you’re about to buy.

Jepara furniture wholesale offers cheaper furniture pieces but you want to make sure that the price doesn’t make you regret your decision. We’d love to show you what products you can get from us that match the budget you have prepared.



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