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Benefits of Teak Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

Relaxing or socializing in the outdoor space is surely fun. An outdoor space is, however, not complete if it doesn’t have beautiful pieces of furniture to add not just practicality but also visual appeal. Planning to replace or build your outdoor space from scratch? Consider using teak outdoor furniture from Indonesia. The following are teak outdoor furniture Indonesia benefits.

Aesthetic Appeal

The first benefit is the aesthetic appeal. No one can deny how visually appealing teak wood furniture is. It has a rich honey brown color with a straight grain pattern. Teak wood furniture, especially high quality one, feels great to touch. This natural color lasts long, especially with annual maintenance with teak oil.

Have you ever seen silvery gray teak wood furniture? Looks classy and amazing, isn’t it? The silvery-gray color is what you get if you allow teak wood furniture to age. All you need to do to get this color is to let nature takes its course. In time, the furniture will turn into a beautiful silvery gray.


When it comes to durability, teak wood is one of the best types of wood. How could it not? It is rich in resins and oils, all of which protect the wood not only from the weather (both hot and cold) and rain but also pests as well. Saying the wood is virtually immune to rot is not an exaggeration.


What makes teak wood outdoor furniture so practical is its low maintenance. Regular, occasional with a soft nylon brush and soapy water maintenance to clean surface stains, dirt or moss is of course necessary. Other than that, there is little to no maintenance required. You can just leave your teak wood furniture outdoor and it will last for many years intact.

Earlier we said that you need teak oil to keep the honey brown color. That is true. If you like the honey brown color of teak wood and wish to keep it for a long time, you need to maintain it using teak oil once in a year. Yes, this is how low maintenance of teak wood furniture is.


Is it sustainable? Yes. If you are concerned about sustainability, you need not worry about teak wood furniture not being sustainable. Indonesia takes teak wood seriously. The country has a state-owned enterprise known as Perum Perhutani whose job is to plant, manage, and preserve teak forestation. Each time a teak tree is felled, it is replaced with a new one.

We at Nusantarajati produces high-quality teak outdoor furniture Indonesia made of the best teak wood. Our products include teak wood benches, loungers, tables and chairs in various shapes and sizes. All of our products are made with precision and attention to detail from beginning to end. Want to know more? Just check our products catalog.


As you can see, teak outdoor furniture Indonesia has many benefits. Whether you want to replace your existing outdoor furniture or building your space from scratch, teak outdoor furniture will do the job excellently. Such furniture makes your space much more inviting due to its beautiful aesthetic appeal and at the same time, providing amazing practicality.

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