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Best Benches from Best Teak Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia

Since outdoor is the face of our house, we need to add some ‘makeup’ to make it look stunning. Stunning front and back yards will not only impress our guests but also make us feel homey. In order to get outdoor furniture for yards, you need to find the right teak outdoor furniture manufacturers Indonesia. Lucky you, we’d love to show you how and where to get quality teak outdoor furnishings.

Before looking for the right place to get the right outdoor furniture made of teak, you first need to know about assorted types of benches. Knowing various bench types are going to help you deciding which ones are the best for your own place.

Assorted Types of Teak Outdoor Benches

>>Teak Storage Bench

This teak bench has double function. It lets you sit on it while keeping some stuff under the lid – where you sit on. This one comes in various styles and sizes. Get chest bench with hinged flip top or lid to hide your clutter easily.  But if you want to access the stuff you’ll save in the storage bench easily, get cubby bench or shelf bench.

>>Wooden Accent Bench

This one is designed to decorate your outdoor space. Accent bench come in various sizes, shapes, and sometimes are completed with upholstered details. Add this one between the other teak benches to make your yard looks more colorful and attractive. This accent bench will perfect your teak benches from Nusantara Jati beautifully.

>>Lounge Bench

If you cannot place a bigger sofa outside, this one is a comfortable choice for your outdoor. Lounge teak wooden bench give you cozy seating but will not take up the spaces. Get some of these benches from They’re made of high quality teak woods that will never let you down for years. Only use outdoor furniture made of quality woods that lasts long.

>>Entryway Bench

It is a perfect choice to decorate the front face of your house. Many entryway benches are upholstered. This bench is usually completed with storage space you can use to keep your shoes, bags, gloves and hats. Only some teak outdoor furniture manufacturers Indonesia provide this multifunction furniture, so make sure you buy one from a trusted manufacturer.

>>Simple Vanity Bench

Among the other wooden outdoor furniture, this one is smaller since it is designed to accommodate only one person. If you have a table in your back yard or front space, small vanity benches will fit under the table. Hide them under the table to save space when you’re not using them. Vanity benches made of teak are the best among the others.

Indonesia has thousands of furniture manufacturers. But only the best one provides the best teak furniture for your outdoor space. And among those teak outdoor furniture manufacturers Indonesia, Nusantara Jati is the one you can trust the most. has at least five different outdoor benches made of quality teak wood waiting to beautify your outstanding outdoor space. Wait no more, and grab the best one for your yards now.

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