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Ordering Teak Furniture from Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer Nusantara Jati

There is always be an easy way to purchase your teak furniture from Nusantara Jati with simple steps to order. Becoming one of the best Indonesia furniture manufacturers is not easy while providing the best product for customer satisfaction. You may need to know how to order or purchase teak wood with simple ways until finally the package or furniture arrived in your place safely.

How to Order Teak Furniture from Nusantara Jati?

  1. Order through email address

You can purchase any product with different ways in Nusantara Jati. The first method you can do for having your teak furniture product is contacting through email. You do not need to worry about the response and it would not be more than 24 hours for having the reply. To start your order, you may need to contact and you may discuss a lot of things about the order.

  1. Visit the workshop

For those who wanted to make sure if everything can be done through direct method, you may try to visit Nusantara Jati workshop. However, the workshop located far away from the biggest city in Java it is located in Jepara and may takes hours to visit. You can go directly to Jl. Sultan Hadlirin RT. 02/ RW. 01, Kec. Tahunan, Kel. Jokosari, Ngabul, Jepara, Central Java, 59421.

  1. Filling the form on the website

As one of the best Indonesia teak furniture manufacturer Nusantara Jati provides you simple ways to order through the website. There is a form that you may need to fill based on your needs whether you wanted to discuss or started to make an order. Do not forget to put the right email address to make sure if you get the response correctly on the website .

  1. Pay attention with business hours

Even though you will have a response directly within 24 hours, you have to make sure if you contacting Nusantara Jati through business hours. It will help you to get the response as soon as possible and would be easily for you to discuss about your problem. The business hours would start from 07.00 A.M. to 18.00 P.M. you are also required to make sure about the weekend and weekdays business.

  1. Open discussion by email

Providing better services for customer would not be easy if there is no access to discuss. Thus, Nusantara Jati provides you the best ways to solve your problem and needs through an email discussion. You can have a lot of information from our professionals to make sure if you can always satisfy with the result. Until finally you have the deal to make an order and shipping your package.

Once you have discussed about all the requirement and set the price for your orders, you only need to wait for the package arrived in your place. There is a lot of benefits you can have by trusting Nusantara Jati services as the best Indonesia teak furniture manufacturer. You do not need to worry about the teak wood quality since everything will be made with better precision.



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