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Choosing The Best Teak Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia

Among other types of wood material used to make furniture, teak is the most popular due to its durability and the furniture made of this will last longer. In Indonesia, you can find the teak furniture manufacturer only or you can find other manufacturers that use all types of wood including teak. Why many manufacturers use teak? Teak is the hardwood with close grained fiber and it has silica content along with natural oil so teak is the hardest and strongest.

Why Choose Teak Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia

Teak is also considered as the most durable material and it is highly resistant to any problem such as rotting, snow, frost, rain and sun. Teak furniture doesn’t need any special treatment and also maintenance no matter what the environment is. That is why, this material is so perfect for outdoor applications and ideal for the boat builders too. Teak also gives the primarily elegant touch to the furniture and also it looks more extravagant. No wonder that teak is becoming the premium wood material for designers.

Teak can be applied for homes, offices, hotels, resorts and many more. It has natural beauty within it and it is considered as the most valuable among others. The range price depends on some factors such as length, width, thickness and may things. The longer, wider and thicker you have, the more expensive you need to pay for the wood. However, teak can naturally grow or you can find it in natural plantation so it may affect the price and quality as well. Ensure all factors first before purchasing it.

Teak is basically coming from Burma located in South East Asia so teak is so common and native in southern Asia region. Meanwhile, it is known naturally widely grown in tropical regions such as Latin America, Asia and Africa. The naturally grown wood is the best in quality so it can be the most expensive. You can also find the best teak furniture manufacturer in Indonesia since this is the right place to find the best proper furniture such as:

Nusantara Jati

One of the leading teak manufacturers in Indonesia as well as the furniture exporter is Nusantara Jati. It is originated from Jepara, Central Java. As exporter from Indonesia for teak furniture garden or furniture outdoors with the best price and satisfaction guarantee, Nusantara Jati is also working with courier or cargo reliable to ensure the shipping process with a guarantee of product safety to the destination. They only use the best teak material coming from the plantation owned by Indonesia government to produce the high quality furniture made of durable wood. It can be used for outdoor furniture such as teak garden, teak chair, teak table and more as well as the indoor furniture. Their products have been sold both internationally and domestically even the customers can make request for the custom furniture.

Overall, teak is so perfect for both exterior and interior applications though many people or homeowners use it for exterior application due to how long lasting this is. For the exterior application, teak is used so strong and it is made durable so it can resist to the weather change and for the interior applications, designers will show the beauty of this material without leaving the durability and strength. Teak can last years for outdoor situation and it can last even longer for the indoor usage as long as you choose the best teak furniture manufacturer in Indonesia.

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