Nusantara Jati

Teak Wood

Kayu Jati (teakwood) is one of the best woods for furniture in the world. Teakwood much in demand because of the quality and stability, haven’t doubt, therefore no wonder that today there are a lot of teak outdoor furniture manufacturer. The wood grows in tropical areas such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Brazil, Philippines and other tropical regions, which Indonesia teak furniture is one of the best in the world. It is also have a very long age, around 50 years, the older crop, there will be good and strong because the wood fibers increasingly crowded.

With the high stability make Teak wood Patio Furniture used for various types of both indoor and outdoor furniture, as teak wood furniture in various weather-resistant both of hot or raining, it is also has resistant destroying from insects and termites. In addition teak wood also has a very high decorative value, you can also specify or create your own furniture designs because recent days there are many Indonesia furniture manufacturers that give serve of costume design.

The type of wood is very varied, which each type of teak has different quality levels. Hence it is very important for you to identify each type to find the most appropriate option and in accordance with the needs. You should also need to be selective in choosing Teak furniture manufacturers to get the best deals. Various types of teak wood that is often found in Indonesia include gold teak wood, superior teak, teak and super bio-tropika teak. Each type of teakwood also have different price, it is why you should be careful in choosing teak furniture and be a smart buyer. To get the best deals, you can find it in the Wholesale teak furniture both of in Teak wood furniture online or offline.

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