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Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture to Furnish Your House

One of the best wood species for furniture is teak. This is widely recognized across the world. Teak is a solid wood material used for varied types of furniture. Before deciding to buy wholesale teak garden furniture from Indonesia, let’s see some discussions on the advantages of this wood material to furnish your home, indoor and outdoor.

When it comes to garden furniture, many homeowners may think of stainless steel material. In fact, teak wood offers some advantages for garden furniture. Do not worry about its durability for outdoor purposes.

Why Buying Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture

Strength and Durability

Teak wood is a natural material used for varied types of garden furniture. It is way stronger, compared to other wood species like pine wood or mango wood. In Indonesia, where the wood trees thrive well, teak wood is still one of the most expensive materials for furniture. Most of antique furniture items are made of this wood. The furniture made of this wood lasts for many years. When properly maintained, they may last for more than 100 years!

Durability of teak wood furniture is attributable to some its natural features, including:

  • Rot and decay-resistant. Teak wood is resistant to some acidic and alkaline substance. As a result, the wood material is not easily stained or spoiled.
  • Resistant to termites, fungi, and insects, which can destroy the wood. The wood material is naturally hard. This fungal and termite resistant feature increases the wood’s life span.
  • Moisture resistant. This feature makes the teak wood furniture ideal for garden furnish. Do you know that teak wood is even used for building ship and decks? This indicates that the wood material can endure moisture.

Aesthetic Appeal

Buying wholesale teak garden furniture provides you with another advantage, namely, exclusive look. The aesthetic appeal make teak wood furniture favorite among high-class homeowners. The rich golden-brown tone makes it perfect for every room in your house. It suits every home style, from classic and traditional, eclectic, to modern living concept. The wood can be hand carved to suit personal styles and preferences.

Of course, those are not the only advantages offered by teak wood furniture items. They offer dimensional stability and comfort in every season of the year.

Ideas of Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture

You will not go out of ideas to furnish your garden with furniture made of this hardwood material. Buying wholesale teak garden furniture provides you with additional benefit, namely cheaper price. It is widely known that furniture items made of this high-quality material are relatively more expensive than those made of other materials are. Buying them in a wholesale system benefits you financially.

You can buy some furniture items in a single package. It may include dining sets, umbrella sets for poolside garden, bar sets, steamer and lounger sets, rock chairs, swing chairs, coffee table, and many more. Alternatively, you can have garden furniture designed based on your choice. Indonesian teak wood wholesalers are known for their skills in designing the hardwood into the required furniture items.

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