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How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers in Indonesia

Furniture manufacturing is an export-oriented industry in Indonesia. The industry contributes much to the country’s domestic income. That is why, there are many outdoor furniture manufacturers in Indonesia, particularly in Java Island. Central Java is especially known as the center of furniture manufacturing in Indonesia. Manufacturers here as reached global markets, not only the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries but also European and American countries.

Tips to Select Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers in Indonesia

There are so many outdoor furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. Each of them offers different product lines and pricing policies. Therefore, choosing one as your business partner is a crucial step. The following are some tips to choose an outdoor furniture manufacturer or exporter from Indonesia for those who want to build a successful reseller or retail business:


How long a company has been in a business usually reflects professionalism. Only a business with good management system can survive long, given the more intense competition in the industry. Of course, you want to have a business with a professional manufacturer, right? A professional business certainly has excellent customer services and timely shipment and delivery. Make sure to get information on their experience before choosing one of the outdoor furniture manufacturers in Indonesia.


When dealing with furniture manufacturers in Indonesia, you will find out that some of them focus only on certain furniture themes, like hotel furniture or restaurant furniture. That is ok if your business also focuses on the relevant domain. However, if you are a reseller in your local area, you certainly need a business partner that offers more product lines.

Make sure to discuss the types of furniture items available from the manufacturer. In addition, you need to find out whether the manufacturer can help you with custom-design furniture products. Why? Some customers of yours may need furniture items that match the overall theme of their living.

Furniture Materials

Due to its rich natural resources, Indonesia has many types of materials, which can be used to produce furniture items. They include teak wood, which is a global favorite material, in addition to other timber materials like mahogany, birch, walnut, and many more. Other environmentally friendly options are rattan and bamboo. They produce furniture with unique look. They are less expensive but offering stunning look, thanks to unique weaving techniques.


Indonesian furniture items are more affordable, since they are produced locally from local raw materials and by local people. However, do not be misled by too low prices offered by online stores. Quality deserves price. Teak wood furniture is naturally more expensive due to its superior quality and difficulties in the production process.

Meanwhile, furniture made of natural rattan or bamboo is generally more affordable. However, items with complicated designs can be expensive, since they can only be made by craftsmen with special weaving skill. If you are looking for cheap furniture items, you can choose among the products made of synthetic rattan or recycled materials.

Choosing outdoor furniture manufacturers in Indonesia is an important task if you want to build a successful retail business. A professional business partner allows you to manage the business well.

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