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What Makes Indonesian Wood Furniture Manufacturer Grow

Furniture manufacturing in Indonesia has shown a promising trend during the last several years. This can, in part, be attributable to the growth of online retail market. Indonesian wood furniture manufacturer has entered the global distribution channels. That is why furniture industry in Indonesia offers significant potentials for both domestic market and export. The government of Indonesia also tries to support the industry by means of regulation.

Driving Factors for Indonesian Wood Furniture Manufacturer

A number of factors drive the growth of Indonesian wood furniture manufacturer. They include the following:

Regulatory Factor

As mentioned above, the government of Indonesia is trying to provide the investors with easier requirements and procedures. The government also tries to support the domestic investors first. For instance, the government bans rattan export. This provides the local investors that own manufacturing technology and expertise to process rattan into finished products.

Local Resources

Indonesian wood furniture manufacturer benefits from the abundant raw materials. Hardwood timber like teak wood is found almost in all areas of Indonesia. The same case applies for rattan. This abundant raw material is supported by the abundance of skilled craftsmen. Yes, many craftsmen in Indonesia have been doing the job for many years. Combination of abundant raw material and skilled craftsmen allow the manufacturer to produce high-quality furniture.

Growing Economy

Besides targeting export market, the furniture manufacturers in Indonesia enjoys increasing domestic demands. This may be attributable to the improvement of local economy, which influences the consumption patterns. This potential goes beyond the manufacturing industry. Instead, it grows to interior and exterior design. Teak wood garden furniture from Indonesia is favorite among modern homeowners, thanks to the superior quality.

Rich Cultures

Indonesia is known for its rich, diverse cultures. These influence the interior and exterior design trends in this country. The furniture produced in Java Island, for instance, has distinctive design from the furniture produced in Sumatra Island or Bali Island. The local cultures influence the taste in design. Accordingly, Indonesian furniture has unique designs, which are not available from any other countries.

Working with Indonesian Wood Furniture Manufacturer

Business partnerships with Indonesian wood furniture manufacturer offer great potentials for foreign businesses. As discussed above, they have entered the global market chain. Therefore, finding Indonesian wood furniture on e-commerce sites is hassle free. Now, the customers from different parts of the world can have Indonesian furniture with local taste. They can bring the Indonesian taste into their living space. By working with Indonesian manufacturer, you can get wholesale price as you buy the furniture items right from the factory.

Indonesian furniture manufacturing industry grows well, thanks to the rich designs. As more millennial are involved in the business, many creative designs appear in the market now. Whether you are looking for furniture items to furnish the interior or outdoor areas, you can get furniture that represents the millennial taste.

Using wood furniture is a great choice for those who love the environment. Wood is an environmentally friendly material. Buying furniture items from the first hand, namely Indonesian wood furniture manufacturer, offers you many advantages.

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