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Patio Furniture Indonesia

Patio furniture Indonesia is the premium brand that most wanted on society. It offers many furniture designs made from teak, wooden, synthetic, etc. People love patio furniture because of the premium quality and classic design. You could find out patio furniture in some villa resort.

The main reason why patio popular because of unique design and durable. Everyone can’t deny the quality of this product which makes your time more comfortable. In general the price of this furniture competitive with another brand. It makes many people love patio furniture!

5 Patio Furniture Indonesia Set That You Have to Know

1. Patio Raja Set

This is the best design of the patio, it called raja set with tropical nuance. In general, the Raja set could find out in some resort in Bali. The special design of this product in the umbrella which is integrated with the set. The function to protect anything on the table from heat like beverage and foods.

Raja set really represent Indonesian atmosphere. You will feel in a natural condition when you are inside the umbrella, especially when its rain. Raja set made from premium quality with meticulous construction. The soft touch finish and beauty describe in wood pattern and color.

2. Patio Sumatera Stacking Chair Set

If you want to feel Sumatera nuance and atmosphere, you have to install Patio Sumatera tacking Chair Set in your ground. The roundish shape and table make the design more classic and tropical. It is highly comfortable furniture and instantly to set on the terrace.

Seems like usual furniture, this design more touch with original Sumatera culture. Especially the quality of this product from chairs and table set are durable. It made from best quality of teak wood. Besides that, the structure and pattern more strong.

3. Patio Lombok Folding Set

Lombok is the most beautiful place in Indonesia. This is the reason why patio furniture Indonesia create the Lombok Folding Set. It is representative of Indonesian beauty and fit to install on terraces and grown. You could also put in on dining room and choose base on design interior of your room.

It is the most recommended furniture because made from famous teak wood and durable. So, don’t worry to be there when the weather is rain or heat. This pattern is unique and creates with constructing a strong structure. Many resorts using Lombok Folding Set to make the customer feel more enjoyable.

4. Patio Bali Folding Set

You will familiar with this furniture if you have been to Bali. Made from best quality of teak wood and create some comfortable seats. Bali Folding Set is the most recommended of patio furniture Indonesia because it offers tropical nuance and warm atmosphere.

You could see the beauty of teak wood color and traditional pattern. Besides that, this style has touched by smooth polish and durable to use outdoor.

5. Patio Nouvo Folding Set

The last recommended from patio furniture is Nouvo Folding Set. It creates high teak quality with six. Nouvo folding set is the best way to accommodated many people because the material will make you comfortable.

This design is special to install in the garden. You could set anything in this table like drinks, food, and dishes. Nouvo folding set is weather resistant and durable from rain, heat, and fungal growth.

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