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Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture Ideas

Teak is the most popular and expensive wood material in Indonesia. Many people have high interested in this product. Besides that, teak furniture able to put on outdoor or indoor. This material looks elegant and weather resistant. Here is wholesale teak garden furniture which will give you the idea to your backyard.

In many times people usually need the best furniture. If you decide to install teak furniture in your garden is the right decision. The main reason why teak furniture popular because of the quality higher than generally wood. Indonesian forest has good intention to produce teak and create various furniture from this exclusive material.

6 Wholesale Teak Garden Furniture Ideas

1. Teak Garden Sets

This is the most recommended teak furniture which popular and complete. As garden sets are made from premium quality and ability to use long life. It seems like sustainable teak with a classic design. Teak garden sets are the best product for a small backyard space. Add the modern touch which made the design more elegant but still classic.

You could see many chairs in the teak garden set with a large table. Furniture sets really fit to use for your family event. Besides that, you could find this furniture in Bali’s Villa, in general, it makes the atmosphere more natural and warm.

2. Garden Benches

Garden benches offer the fabulous range as traditional teak garden furniture. Made from premium quality teak, garden benches have many consumers in the globe.  You could install garden benches in your backyard, that is the most recommended furniture.

It will make your space more artistic and feel like you are on the beach. This furniture approach modernity and elegant touch. You could selected garden benches with a variety of color that fit with your garden. Right decision to enjoy inside garden benches!

3. Hammock Teak Stands

The best way to enjoy your time is to spend hours in the hammock. The hammock stand is really strong and durable to install in the garden. The looks largest and able to holds up two until three people. It is great to deal with a person who loves nature. You could also do many things in the hammock like read a book, enjoy your time, and do business from your smartphone.

4. Fixed Teak Table

Who don’t interested in fix teak table. This is one of the teak furniture which the most wanted to install in the garden. Classic design and elegant that combine with stainless steel touch, This traditional craft is durable and guarantee to use in a long time.

5. Extending Teak Table

Extending the teak table is the recommended one to fit on your garden space. It has a high function to arrange many things and 100% built from the machine. In generall extending teak table has 4 seater table. The very large size and right to use in some event like a party or family.

6. Lounger and Steamer Teak

This is the most recommended wholesale teak garden furniture. Everyone needs to relax in natural space, so use the lounger and steamer teak is the great decision. You could make your own position and enjoy your time. Lounger and steamer teak could find out in the classic garden and some resort like in Bali.

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